10 Beautiful Ideas to Help You Take Unique and Special Maternity Photoshoots

Have you been hired to do a maternity shoot for expecting parents? A maternity photo shoot can be one of the most important and special times for new parents as they eagerly await the delivery of their new family member. For this reason, planning for the special maternity shoot can be a high pressure and stressful time for photographers. The photographer needs to capture the special important time for the family, the excitement, anticipation, and expectation. In every maternity photo shoot, the new mom and dad are looking to create memories of those remarkable nine months.

To help you make the most of this highly important photo shoot, we have selected the most beautiful ideas for a maternity photo shoot that will guarantee the expectant parents are happy with the output.

1. Looking at the Bump

Image by studiojune.co

When the parents both look at the bump you deliver the message “kid, we have been waiting for you to come to the world” or “we love you so much, dear” and it’s a priceless and timeless memory for the family.

2. Kissing Forehead

Image by lilysophiaphotography.com

Taking a photograph of the husband kissing the wife’s forehead proves that even though the baby seems might the only thing in the father’s mind, it’s actually not the case. The mother is also a priority to take care of, especially in these kinds of time.

3. Laying

Image from maikdobiey.com

Having a child indeed takes a lot of effort and is very exhausting. But, when looking at this picture they can remind themselves at the moment where they relax which can soothe their mind and body so they can continue giving lots of love to child and partner.

4. Elegant

Image by sammykhoo.com

Who can resist this type of photo shoot? No one. It is so elegant that people want to take a look at it so many times. Even though this kind of picture is the most expensive among others, it is the perfect shot to be printed in large size. Most of the moms are not confident to have their picture taken or even printed, but adding the element of elegance will do the trick!

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 16.29.31.png
Image by rachelyoonphotography.com

5. Milk Bath

Image by bambiniphoto.sg

Once in a while, anyone would want to experience some sort of luxury. Why not when you are pregnant? Copy this style for to create a lavish photograph for your mom client.

6. Silhouette

Image by tarahphotography.com

Do you want to create a cool picture of the mom being pregnant? Try this silhouette-style which you can do indoor next to the window or outdoor when there is low light.

Image by twobrightlights.com

7. Shadow

Image from matadornetwork.com

The shadow photo is best done when the mom is in their late pregnancy. The beautiful big bump is shown nicely on your reflection.

Image by johnnyandashley.blogspot.co.id

8. Timeline

Image from Pinterest

The main goal of photography is to create memories and immortalize moments. The maternity period is one of the most important stages of life. When you are willing to do this style, you have the opportunity to be a photographer for 9 months long! It’s a beautiful experience for both photographer and the mom.

Image from Pinterest


9. With Your Favorite Cravings

Image from Pinterest

Having cravings is like a coin with two sides: one day they cannot resist to have their favorite ice cream and potato chips, but on the other day they will not eat any junk food at all for the baby’s health. After the baby is born, the mom would not remember those hilarious days. So, why not creating a memory about it?

10. Underwater

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 16.27.05.png
Image by suzannegoodwinphotography.com

If all the photography style above seems ordinary to the client, this one I guarantee is not! When they are in the water, they can freely move to create an infinite number of poses and create fantasy-like poses.

Now that we have inspired you with 10 significantly different maternity photography style, you gotta be ready to go out there and try them out! Klaud9 is a place for photographers to learn from A to Z. If you have the hunger to always learn more, stay tuned for our next blogs! If you are willing to practice maternity shoot before professionally providing the service, we suggest you sell the photos at our site as a stock photo. To see maternity collection by Klaud9 community click here.

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