10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing

We absolutely love photographing pets, and you should too! The best part of them is that they are sometimes very unpredictable and therefore, hilarious!  Timeless images reflect not only their perfect, pretty smiles but also goofy, funny faces. Perfectly staged photos are of course awesome too and so are ones that show scenes of pure hilarity! Take a look at these 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing! 

I don’t wanna go home! 

A stubborn dog and his young owner, by Vidar Nordli Mathisen, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
A Stubborn Dog and His Young Owner, by Vidar Nordli Mathisen

If you have a dog, you must have experienced this situation at least once. While the girl is pulling her pet’s leash to head home, the dog seems not to want to follow her. Here you can see that the little girl and pug have slightly different ideas of what they want to do next. It looks like, they had such a nice walk together that the dog doesn’t want to go back home! Who of them is going to give up and let the other do what he/she wants first? 

Give me my beer!

An alcoholic hedgehog, by Makeita Bigbox, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
An Alcoholic Hedgehog, by Makeita Bigbox

Have you seen a hedgehog obsessed with a beer bottle? Here’s our little prickly alcohol-loving friend! Obviously, he doesn’t/ shouldn’t drink alcohol but he loves to fight against the hard beer bottle to make his teeth stronger. But for us, it seems like a hilarious moment where the hedgehog tries to snatch the beer to enjoy a perfectly chilled bottle of beer.

I’m gonna bite your finger!

A furious turtle, by Samsons, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
A Furious Turtle, by Samsons

Watch out, this turtle is about to bite your finger! Whatever the finger’s owner did, apparently it made our slow little friend extremely angry. Look at the gimlet eyes towards her target and surprisingly wide open the mouth! Hopefully, she will make peace again with her owner and show a typical peaceful turtle face again. 

What are you looking at?

A cheeky parrot, by Birdy mom, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
A Cheeky Parrot, by Birdy mom

Got ya! You were the one who stole the ingredients from the kitchen shelves every night! However, it seems that the parrot doesn’t regret her actions at all, as she says to her owner “so what?” With crumbs everywhere on her beak, she’s a bit surprised that she’s caught red-handed but it doesn’t stop her from enjoying her corn. Well, she’s in trouble but how can we blame her when she is a cute, smart creature with gorgeous feathers?   

Do you feel comfortable there?

A sleepy dog, by Drakre52, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
A Sleepy Dog, by Drakre52

This dog found a place where he fits in perfectly! He’s sleeping so comfortably as if there’s no concern in his life. But now where should the owner put her/his guitar? Now that the dog has found a new cozy bed, I don’t think the owner is going to get it back anytime soon. Oh well, it’s time to go shopping for a new one!  

I’m tired but ready to listen to you

A fuzzy tired cat, by Jorin Arriola, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
A Fuzzy Tired Cat, by Jorin Arriola

Look at the fuzzy face of this tired cat! Her eyes are half-closed like she just woke up and still feels sleepy. Yet, it seems that she is comforting her friend and saying “I am super sleepy, but don’t worry. I am ready to listen to your concerns. Just give me a second to be completely awake!” With this nice, small friend that makes you always smile, your problems will just go away!

Don’t worry, it fits perfectly!

A greedy squirrel, by Share words, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
A Greedy Squirrel, by Share words

Did you know that squirrels have cheek pouches where they can keep nuts inside? Seeing their cute faces full of food makes us always happy. Sometimes, we have doubts about the size of the space and ponder whether that big nut would fit in. However, don’t worry! They know what they are doing and always find a suitable one for their pouches. 

“Be good”

An E.T. pug, by Matthew Henry, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
An E.T. Pug, by Matthew Henry

Do you remember the movie E.T.? It’s about an alien who accidentally arrived on the earth and becomes a friend with kids who found him. To keep E.T. warm, those lovely children covered him with a blanket. The pug with big eyes in the cozy scarf in the picture reenacts the scene exactly. Everyone would fall in love with him if they see his innocent goofy face! 

It’s mine! No, mine!

Two Hamsters Fighting for Spaghetti, by Pyza, 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
Two Hamsters Fighting for Spaghetti, by Pyza

If you have a sibling you grew up with, you must be very familiar with this situation in the picture. Two little hamsters are fighting for delicious food, spaghetti! Staring at each other, they are showing their desire for food. None of them seems to give up soon enough. Who is going to be the winner and take all? 

What’s so funny?

A Happy Cat and an Angry Cat, by Avto.S., 10 funny pet photos that will keep you laughing
A Happy Cat and an Angry Cat, by Avto.S.

What’s going on here? The cat in the front is laughing loudly but on the other hand, the one behind seems angry. Well, maybe they are siblings and the one in front is making fun of the other that got into trouble. It seems that the angry one is soon gonna punch the face of the other and start a little ffight against his brother!

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