10 Inspiring Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Elden Inocando, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Elden Inocando, Klaud9

Why is photography such an important element of a wedding? For most people, a wedding is the biggest and happiest day of your life. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right photographer to capture your wedding memories. In this article, we have collated the Top 10 Wedding Photographers you should follow on Instagram. Get inspired and fill your Instagram feed with the wedding photos of dreams!

1. @Josevilla

Firstly, Jose Villa is your go-to for fine art wedding photography. Earlier this year, he was ranked Number #1 of the most influential photographers of this decade by PDN. His photography has even been mentioned in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Martha Stewart Weddings!

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Jose Villa, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Jose Villa, Klaud9

2. @Ameephotography

Secondly, Hong Kong based photographer Amee Cheung. Her wedding photos have a timeless look because she shoots mainly on film. Amee travels around the world to create long-lasting memories of the entire wedding process.

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Amee Cheung, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Amee Cheung, Klaud9

3. @Jawphoto

Thirdly, we have award winning photographer Julian Abram Wainwright. Based in Manila, he specialises in destination wedding photography across South-east Asia. 

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Julian Abram Wainwright, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Julian Abram Wainwright, Klaud9

4. @MaryannHK

Next, we have Hong Kong based Mary Ann Art. She has shot weddings all across Hong Kong. We especially love her beautiful skyline shots and creative use of lighting, which provide lush visual inspiration. 

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Mary Ann, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Mary Ann, Klaud9

5. @StoriesbyJosephRadhik

Two-time nominee for Asian Photography Journal’s Top 10 Most Influential People in Photography, Joseph Radhik, needs no introduction! He is set apart from his competition for his use of natural light and for how he captures elegance and style with ease.

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Joseph Radhik, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Joseph Radhik, Klaud9

6. @tali__photography

Tali Photography are sisters Tali and Claudi. They are both highly talented destination wedding photographers who are based in Germany. They shoot all across Europe, creating warm and aesthetic shots.

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Tali Photography, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Tali Photography, Klaud9

7. @Beksmithimages

Bek Smith has previously had her photography work published in Vogue, and that comes as no surprise! Just one look at her Instagram feed will leave you mesmerised by her ability to capture intimate and powerful shots.

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Bek Smith , Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Bek Smith, Klaud9

8. @Catherinemband

If it is destination wedding photography you are after, look no further than Catherine Band. She travels worldwide to capture your special day in the most beautiful way!

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Catherine Brand, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Catherine Band, Klaud9

9. @ericaferronephotography

Erica Ferrone is an experienced wedding and family photographer. She is based in Boston, USA. She is set apart in her field because of her timeless photojournalistic style.

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Erica Ferrone, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Erica Ferrone, Klaud9

10. @Withminn

Finally, Singapore-based wedding photographers Withminn have received countless praise for their professionalism. Their Instagram feed provides a wealth of inspiration for inventive wedding shots!

Wedding photo, wedding photographer Withmann, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer Withmann, Klaud9

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