Klaud9 Best Photos of 2017

For nearly two years Klaud9 has been receiving remarkable photographs from their amazing photographer community. To summarize the awesomeness of pictures uploaded in 2017, we have selected the top ten photos based on their inspirational and technical aspects.

  1. Fisherman Throwing His Net by Ronaldo Edson


We simply love sunsets. By catching a fisherman in action, Ronaldo Edson gives a perfect touch to the photograph. Even if he didn’t have much control of the environment, he swiftly captured the perfect moment when the fishnet was opened and the sun had not fully set.

  1. Supermoon Over Barelang Bridge by Haryadi


A supermoon does not happen every day. With all his solid experience in photography, Haryadi was ready to capture the supermoon and the bridge at the right angle.

  1. Just Ride by Sandi


This photograph is one of the most popular on our website. To capture that kind of sunray, timing and location are not enough. A little bit of luck must be on the photographer’s side.

  1. Cheeky Bear by Sean


We are indeed a huge fan of this picture! It is very rare to capture such a facial expression of a bear.

  1. Country Boy Sitting on Buffalo, The Bond Between Children and Buffalo in Asia by Visoot


Not all buffalos can grow such beautiful long horns. Visoot definitely introduces us to a world that many of us have never encountered: the rural village.

  1. Osaka Castle by Zhen Feng


Osaka Castle played a significant role in history, hence, it is one of the most famous architectures in Japan. – Zhen Feng’s photograph is a wonderful source of inspiration for any wannabe photographer.

  1. Farmers Sowing Seeds in Bangladesh by Jashim


We think that this photograph stands out. Jashim has put a lot of dedication to capture the sowing seed process under this unusual angle.

  1. Silhouette of Mahout Riding an Elephant by Chaiyaporn


A mahout is a person that takes care of and rides elephants. Usually, the mahout and the animal remain bonded to each throughout their lives. If an elephant is ridden by too many mahouts, its condition can become poor. – Therefore, Chaiyaporn’s picture can pass great lessons to the next generations.

  1. Denying of Entry in Temples Forced Ramnami Samaj to Tattooing by Sameer Mushtaq


The full-body tattooing tradition began a century ago when the Ramnamis were prohibited to enter temples due to their low caste. The tattoo is a permanent reminder that God is omnipotent and always with them.

  1. Young Woman Holding Flowers and Walking Through a Field of Purple Blossoms by JeraldSaw


JeraldSaw’s photograph shows that by using imagination, a photographer can create an artistic image even by using minimalist objects.

With countless photographers located in different parts of the world, we’ve had a great year with a variety of beautiful photos. Indeed, our breathtaking landscapes and portraits made it difficult for us to choose the top 10 photos. If you are a photography lover, you should definitely check out our website for more stunning images. If you are a photographer, why don’t you sign up on our website. We would love to see your photos! Last but not least, Klaud9 wishes you a Happy New Year! May 2018 be another year filled with new dreams and hopes!

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