In 2017, Stock Photography Trends Will Remain Visionary


By now, you might be asking yourself whether stock photography trends in 2017 will look anything like they did in the two previous years. The simple answer is: yes. After all, we have been steadily accepting of technology, and allowing it to enter every single crack of our lives.

Instead of looking at companies that have remained slow to embrace the future, individuals and companies working with photography in 2017 will have to keep an open mind. Technology is ever-evolving. And 2017’s stock photography trends will continue to require constant updates.

That’s why having a visionary attitude is important.

With the creation of new platforms such as Snapchat, and games such as Pokemon GO, many technologies popular in the past have lost some of their glow. Moving forward is what will make or break photography in 2017.

When working on content marketing for your company, whether it’s a campaign designed for a well-established brand or a brand new one, 2017 stock photography trends will remain focused on modernity. To drive sales, the marriage between text and image has become an important part of marketing. Demonstrated in Hubspot’s APAC headquarters in Singapore hiring countless new employees, proving that content will remain King in 2017. Making stock photography trends in 2017 seem bound to adaptation, considering imagery will need to meet the demand created by content producers.

As experts seem to be jumping on the bandwagon in 2017, photography trends will remain ever-changing, with photographers having to develop clearer, more versatile images than ever before.

When looking into ways of having your business stand out, in 2017, photography will have to meet the demands of businesses. But more importantly, business will have to look at Google and Facebook as their main advertising platforms.

When it comes to stock photography trends, 2017 will essentially continue to see both Google and Facebook act more like auction platforms. With businesses only succeeding in obtaining recognition by offering higher bids.

Photography in 2017 will gain as a result, with photographers producing stock images having a greater demand for better, more encompassing images. But as the cost of advertising in two of the most relevant platforms today continues to go up, so will the need for quality photography in 2017.

To ensure you’re up to date with what is going on with stock photography trends in 2017, look at some of the most successful fields out there for inspiration.

According to a research carried out by Microstock Insider, some of the most successful stock image producers in 2015 focused on images of people. Why? Because they convey emotion, which is what company owners and entrepreneurs require to communicate with the audience. In 2016, the demand for video content rose tremendously, opening up the doors to stock photographers across Asia who have the ability to shoot good footage. In 2017, we can expect to see a demand for both video and footage, especially of people.

But there are other themes that sell well. You must do your research first, and ask these questions: are these companies using more landscape imagery or are they embracing storytelling as a means to captivate their audience? For an answer, look no further than what you see on Google and Facebook. If campaigns are successful, they are popular in those two platforms. But if they aren’t, you’re not going to see them stick for long in 2017. Stock photography trends, after all, will respond to what the consumer wants. And what consumers want now is more optimization. Making the marriage of photography and written content accessible and inviting.

But what about “bad press,” is there such a thing?

In the world of online advertising, the answer is: you bet.


Photo credit : News – udayansankarpal – Klaud9

For marketers and companies in Asia to be successful, they must look for quality in photography in 2017 first. Why? Because in an ever-evolving online world, websites where the consumer has a voice will become hubs of discontent. And as poor quality work is exposed by consumers, yesteryear’s “word to mouth” experiments are amplified. For stock photography trends in 2017 to work for your band or marketing campaign, you must first think of quality over quantity.

Consumer power is the first thing a photographer — and marketing guru — must focus on.  And when it comes to developing the best marketing strategy, 2017 stock photography trends will continue to embrace quality over style.

But what will make 2017 photography truly stand out for marketing agencies and others goes beyond quality. It also involves authenticity. Unless marketing campaigns using photography in 2017 are authentic, they won’t be effective.

But what does that mean, making sure campaigns are authentic? It means using the proper image with a particular campaign.

Instead of recycling photography, 2017 will require a return to custom-made stock photography trends.

In 2016, investor Peter Lim was forced to file a police report against certain online ads making use of his image to promote products that were not associated with him. This brought bad publicity to the company behind the ads, making it clear that, in 2017, stock photography trends will remain focused on authenticity and quality first.

Instead of looking into generic imagery, 2017 photography producers and consumers will continue to appreciate honesty. And that’s precisely why the industry is going to continue to grow well beyond what it’s grown so far, and new players are starting to enter the market, such as Asia’s 1st curated photo stock website. Powered by our proprietary ethnicity tagging Klaud9 gives access to Asia’s largest database of Asian stock photography.

Are you paying attention?

If so, you will know that in 2017, stock photography trends in Asia will continue to rely heavily on honesty, quality, and authenticity. But most importantly successful producers of photography in 2017 will need to have the Internet and the power of the consumer in mind — at all times. Unless they are not concerned with growing their business and remaining relevant in an ever-changing world. 

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