3 Steps to Take Your Marketing Campaigns from Zero to Hero

Have you ever wondered if your marketing campaigns speak to the people you are targeting? A good campaign not only aims to acquire more customers but also to enforce their brand’s position in the market.

Within 60 seconds, 146k emails are sent, 3.3 million Facebook Posts are posted, 3.8 million Google searches are performed, and 66k Instagram photos are uploaded. It is now more important than ever to differentiate your campaign amidst the flood of contents available.

In this post, we are going to share 3 steps to take your marketing campaign from zero to hero.


Image by smart insights

1. Create Quality Visual Content

We’ve all heard the adage – “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Very few people will read through the entire marketing campaign if it is written like an essay. Visual content is often used to bring the message across to your buyers. The use of visuals could also help convey complex ideas into a single image in a more effective way than textual descriptions. At the same time, visual content also helps to create a brand identity.

According to The Use of Visualization in the Communication of Business Strategies, it is easier to recall visual content as compared to plain text. People will remember the photos more than the text descriptions in your campaign. Make use of the photos to raise brand awareness through your marketing campaigns even if it does not lead to any sales lead or conversion.

While most people are aware of the importance of visual content, why does high-quality visual content matter? According to a case study by VWO through AB testing, changing an image on a webpage increased the conversion by over 40%. It is indeed true that better content induces higher cost, but this investment pays off in the long run. The images you use influence the brand perception by your audience. Taking the time, effort and investing in quality content also shows to others that you are taking your business seriously.

If you’re off to start building your marketing campaign, make sure you have your visual contents such as photos, all prepared!

2. Induce Seamless Experience


With digital consumer using mobile, laptop and tablet, chances are your campaigns will appear in all the different type of devices. In a report by Google, 90 percent of consumers surveyed reported using multiple devices including smartphone, PC, tablet or TV to accomplish a task online.

However, not all devices are used for the same purposes. According to Smart Insights, conversion rates on computers are two times higher than mobile devices. On the other hand, mobiles are driving high traffic online. Especially in SEA, 90% of users connect to the internet through their mobiles. Make sure your campaigns are seamless. You do not want your buyer to place all items on the cart, only to lose them when they switch to their PC to check out.

If you’re sending campaigns through emails, you will want to ensure that you get the formatting right and that all images or texts do not appear out of place. More than 70% of poorly formatted emails are deleted within 3 seconds as reported by Dai Pham. Your campaign should look good on all devices to appeal to all potential customers.

3. Create a Connection

With all your content prepared, you are ready to build your marketing campaign. A good campaign should tie the brand to stories that resonate with buyers. Using photos that represent your brand identity and style can make your campaign stand out from the rest, at the same time helping to get messages across with less effort.

According to Psychology Today, 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by emotions. By telling a genuine story that is relatable, buyers feel connected to the brand, improving the quality of your marketing campaigns.

You can only connect with the buyer’s emotional sense with compelling photos or visuals, an interesting project description, and an attractive but genuine story. If you can’t convey the story, buyers will not understand the purpose of your product or service, and your marketing campaign is not going to appeal to the targeted audience. It is always much easier to remember stories than remembering the fact. Craft the story of your campaign to elicit emotions of your buyers, let them see what you see in your campaigns. Mix it up with photos to tell your story more effectively.

Apple is a good example of using emotional connect and brand loyalty in the long run. Apple uses clean and simple design with the purpose to become part of a lifestyle movement. This desire created by Apple attracted most people’s basic emotional need – to be part of something, something new and colorful. They sell product by assigning feelings to the idea of owning it.

This can be done very effectively by adding photos that connect to your buyer. The best way to do so is by discussing the purpose of the campaign, the story, and emotions you want to invoke with the photographer, so they can devise and plan for the perfect photo.

Subscribers can easily tell if your photos are staged or spurious, hence it is important for photos to be natural for your marketing campaign. Here at Klaud9, we provide a bank of images for you to choose from depending on your campaign.

If stock photography is not what you are looking for and want something more specific, we also provide custom On Demand shoot to cater to your brand and campaign’s need. Head on to our Klaud9 platform to find out more, or ask our experts here.

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