360 Virtual Tours, Why Should You Use Them?

The idea of visiting a place across the world while staying in our home is not surprising anymore. Virtual reality technologies have made it possible to walk around properties, establishments and streets with a mouse, transporting us anywhere. But do you know what advantages virtual tours can bring to your business?

virtual tour of a kitchen
Virtual Tour created for Klaud9’s client

1. Increase visitor retention

Visual content is an effective way to catch your audience’s attention. But what then? They must spend some time getting to know your business and what makes you different from competitors. This is not possible if people only stay the usual few seconds on your website. 

That’s why having highly engaging content, such as interactive 360 Virtual Tours, is important. It’s a tool that convinces users to stay on your page, interact with the features available and learn more about your business at the same time.

Virtual tour features, including map and street view
Street view feature of Virtual Tours

2. Increase engagement

Creating these interactive visuals is a sure way to increase user engagement on your website. Even better, it is also effective on social media and search engines! 

A 360 video launched by Coca-Cola outperformed standard in-stream video ad view-through rates by 36%. Any of your marketing campaigns can benefit by adding virtual tour features to it, by driving up interaction rates and viewer counts. 

You can share your 3D models, floor maps and 360 Virtual Tours in several media, not being restrained to only one channel. This opens up marketing opportunities and gives you a chance to hook your audience through engaging content. 

3. Improve SEO

If you are trying to drive traffic to your website, you know how important SEO’s role is. Virtual tours work perfectly with Google services, such as Google Maps and Google My Business. By having a complete listing in Google, including an interactive 360 Virtual Tour, your presence online will be optimized.

3d floor plans
3D floor plan feature of Virtual Tours

4. More sales

Virtual reality tools might be new features, but their effectiveness is already clear. 84% of business owners that included virtual tours to their listings reported increased customer footfalls in their business, and find it an effective tool of promotion.

In travel marketing, adding virtual tours results in 40% ROI for travel companies. Property tours can be accessed virtually, from anywhere in the world, 24/7, making it easier to sell Real Estate. 

In sum, the freedom of being able to see and explore places and properties without travel time and still respecting social distancing measures is an increasingly attractive factor – giving customers the confidence to make purchases without inconveniences. 

virtual tour of a kitchen, with feature video
Spotlight video features of Virtual Tours

5. Faster sales

When you create a virtual tour and add it to your listing or website, you are adding interactivity, increasing engagement and retaining visitors for longer. But there is more! You are offering a realistic and accurate experience to your audience, moving along the consumer journey much faster. 

With Virtual Tours, it is no longer necessary to deal with time zone constraints or schedule an in-person visit early in the customer journey. Customers can narrow down their options with only a few clicks online, and only engage human resources when necessary. 

virtual tour of a bedroom
Virtual Tour created for Klaud9’s client

 6. Simple to create!

Klaud9 makes it easy and quick to create 360 Virtual Tours for any location and any business need. 

Our on-demand packages include 3D maps, floor plans, interactive hotspots, live chat feature and the possibility of creating a video with a pre-recorded voice over. We can deliver your visuals in 24 hours, and you have a worldwide commercial use license.

All you have to do is choose your package, fill our intuitive online brief and leave the rest to us! We search and hand-pick the best photographers to create high-quality visual content.

Now that you know the advantages of including interactive 360 Virtual Tours to your business listing, website and social media, be sure to make the most of it!

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