5 Ingenious Ways To Use Instagram For Real Estate

People used to read newspapers in the olden days, but not so much anymore. Nowadays, we all spend hours daily on social media. And it does not only substitute the news but also allows us to get updates from our peers and families. While according to Statista, there is already an important percentage of Instagram users within the ideal age range to be targeted with real estate ads.

Creating visual content for brands around the world, Klaud9 knows how impactful visual content can be for marketing, sales, and business in general. Real estate is one of the many kinds of businesses that require professional visual content which can be a hassle for newbies to produce.

But don’t worry! There are simple steps you can take to make Instagram work for you. Here are our five tips on how to harness the power of Instagram for real estate.


1. Curate Your Feed

People will not only see your posts individually but also all of your posts altogether from your Instagram feed. As we all know, creating great first-impressions to your visitors is critical, especially if you use Instagram for commercial purposes.

Does your Instagram feed show consistency in photo qualities, colors, and style? Or does your Instagram look not cohesive at all, filled with random photos? Think of your feed visitors as potential leads. We can take an ideal example of a well-curated Instagram feed from Bill Larsen’s Instagram.

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2. Captivate with Stories

The next engaging element you can use with your audience is personal stories. They not only help to show your bold personality, but they also add a creative aspect to your Instagram and give warmth just as you talk to a human in person. Imagine an Instagram account in which all the photos are the properties on sale. Wouldn’t it look like a catalog? And wouldn’t be your followers unfollow you at some point, because they don’t need to see your properties anymore, whether it is because they bought from you or not?

In this case, we can learn from McKinsey’s Instagram. On the photo below, she showed the family who bought one of her real estates with a very cute story in the caption. Posting stories like this could tackle the problems mentioned previously. Your followers and buyers could stay to see your other stories and eventually become attached to you – someone who provided a remarkable service.

3. Keep Your Local Followers Engaged 

Getting people to follow you is already a tough task. You wouldn’t want to let your followers slip away easily. Instagram has a variety of features that you can use to keep your audience engaged. Have you heard of Instagram Stories and Instagram Live?

As brands need to engage with audiences daily and without being too spammy, different types of formats should be utilized. Visit Rumah123.com’s Instagram and you can see that they are not only posting content in the form of photos, but also videos, stories, and live sessions. As Rumah123 is Indonesian, the content created was specifically targeted to Indonesians, including interesting stories that only the locals could correlate with.

4. Utilize the Power of Hashtags 

As marketers know, hashtags are today’s SEO. The statistics from WordStream shows that there is 12,6% more engagement when at least one hashtag is used in your Instagram post. Hashtags allow your post to “swim” in the vast content ocean and to be “caught” by audiences.

The more hashtags you use, the more chance you have to be seen by your potential buyers. However, there are some hashtag strategies that you need to take into account for maximizing your real estate exposure on Instagram. PropertyGuru is one of the real estate Instagrammers who has utilized specific hashtags for each of their Instagram posts.

5. Hire Professional Photographers 

The photographer you choose to shoot for your real estate can make a whole lot of a difference. According to Sprout Social, there are more than 100 million Instagram posts per day. The competitiveness of grabbing the attention of Instagram audiences is not questionable. And in visual content, quality is king.

People unconsciously assess properties based on the photos they see. It may sound ludicrous, but the few bucks you spend to hire a professional photographer could save you from losing even more because you can lose the marketing battle with your competitors. The photo from Hmlet’s Instagram below is an example of how a real estate photographer could shoot for you and make your real estate stand out.

Cost and time efficiency is what any business needs, including for real estate photos. Consistency is another factor that is essential to building a relevant and large audience that could convert to buyers. It requires more than a handful of effort to build an amazing Instagram for real estate, but every journey starts with a single step. And the first step could be the first Instagram that you post or the first professional photographer you hire.

Harnessing our large network of photographers and proven experience in photography for business, Klaud9 can help you scale your photoshoots that will make your real estate sparkle.

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