5 remarkable event photographers in Singapore

If you are planning an event, it is crucial to hire an event photographer to capture moments. This is because, once you miss them there is no second chance. Professional event photographers have the skill set and the equipment to capture your event perfectly. Therefore, finding the right photographer for your event, be it wedding, business event, birthday party or concerts, can make a significant difference.

There are multiple things to keep in mind while selecting an event photographer. This includes- years of experience they have, their skill set and personality. Capturing moments for a event is not only about clicking picture. You will have to find a photographer who is amiable and confident as he would have to interact and mingle with the crowd in the room. Singapore has a wide range of event photographers. Looking through all their portfolios can take a lot of time. So, to save you time and effort we have put together a list of 5 experienced and remarkable event photographers in Singapore.

Wen Pictures

Image of a man speaking at a conference, event photography, singapore, klaud9
Event Photographer: Wen Pictures, Klaud9

Event Photographer Wen started his career as an advertising and commercial photographer. But soon after, he realized that capturing people’s moments is what really fulfilled him. Thus, he decided to pursue documentary and event photography as a full-time career. This event photographer will go through the whole journey with. From taking the shots to post-editing, he will take care of everything, so that you can relive precious moments. Additionally, Wen has covered over 500 weddings. He believes that “with every story he is sharing, there is always a new story waiting for him to be told”. Wen charges S$350 for an event photoshoot of minimum 2 hours.

Vision Photography

Image of a kids playing together at a birthday party, event photography, singapore, klaud9
Event Photographer: D.Parker, Klaud9

Event photographer Daniel Parker is known for shooting engagement, wedding, and birthday parties in Singapore.  He describes himself as someone who loves helping people capture beautiful memories from the best moments in their lives. He truly enjoys and feels privileged seeing the joy his photos bring to people. Moreover, this event photographer has a natural, candid, and artsy style of photography. His clients describe him as an event photographer full of energy and creativity who creates a wonderful atmosphere and vibe. Additionally, Daniel’s goal is to make you feel as relaxed as possible. At times you wouldn’t even notice he is there.

Coco Creative Studio

Image of a woman singing at a concert, event photography, singapore, klaud9
Event Photographer: Coco Creative Studio, Klaud9

Coco Creative Studio is a production house in Singapore that specializes in commercial and corporate videography and photography services. This event photography service understands the time and effort that you must have put into organizing a successful event. They would never allow this effort to go to waste by providing you with sloppy results. Additionally, they have shot multiple types of events. This includes conferences, meetings, ad lunches and award ceremonies. Apart from this, they also provide event videography services. Coco Creative Studio will stitch together the best moments from your event into a video so that your event attendees to relive the experience.

Pan Pixels

Image of a automobile event, event photography, singapore, klaud9
Event Photographer: Pan Pixels, Klaud9

Pan Pixels has a wonderful team of experienced, reliable, and professional event photographers. They will provide you with premium quality event photography that have been tailored according to your personal needs. The crew is well versed in handling a variety of events. This ranges from birthdays, family events, parties to corporate photography. Furthermore, they believe that event photographers plays an integral role for a company. They capture important moments that might be needed for promotion and public relations which you wouldn’t want to gamble with. Event photographers at Pan Pixels charge approximately $380 for a three-hour photography session.

VIILevent Photography

Event Photographer: VIILevent Photography, Klaud9

VIILevent Photography is founded and led by award winning event photographer Alan Lim. They are one of the finest event photographers in Singapore. Their aim is to “transform your every moment into little pieces of art”. Moreover, they have experience of taking photos for multiple events. This includes gala dinners, award ceremony, business meetings, sports, concerts and many more.

We hope you liked reading this blog on event photographers in Singapore. Also read our blog on: our guide to promoting virtual events. To help you with your event photography needs anywhere in the world, click here to get in touch with us at Klaud9.com. We provide and help businesses to source photographers and videographers anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

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