5 tips for avoiding tedious wedding photography

Wedding photos document the most memorable day of your life hence, your wedding photographs should bring back the best emotions whenever you see them. That’s why you should avoid having staged photos of your friends standing in a line or you pretending to be comfortable with an awkward smile. The photos should be fun and you can re-create the night in photos! Here are our 5 tips for avoiding tedious wedding photography. 

Smash cliche and tradition

Couple in bohemian outfits for their wedding, Photo by Jessica Rockowitz
Photo by Jessica Rockowitz

Do it your own way. You spend months planning your special day. So, choose whatever you want, even if it shocks your mom! You don’t have to stick to a traditional white dress and shiny wedding shoes. A floral red dress or loose bohemian outfit can be a striking and memorable thing about your wedding. Think carefully about what you really want and turn it into a reality for your special day!

Find some locations to explore with your photographer 

Bride and groom sitting by a lake, Photo by Scott Webb
Photo by Scott Webb

If you’re planning to escape from your guest for a short time with your photographer it’s always good to have a perfect spot in your mind. Find a couple of options and let your photographer choose the best. They will consider the suitable time of the day or lighting to make the best shots. 

Let your photographer be free with your guests

Laughing bridesmaids, Photo by Genessa Panainte
Photo by Genessa Panainte

Interacting with guests is a big part of a wedding photographer’s job to create natural and memorable photos. So, let your photographer build fun rapport and comfortable conversation with your guests. That way, you will get natural photos of your family and friends happily enjoying your wedding. 

Be spontaneous

Brides and groom dancing on the stage with friends, Photo by Mitchell Orr
Photo by Mitchell Orr

Relax on your wedding day and do remember it’s your day for fun and laughter! No more wedding photos with uncomfortable poses and unnatural smiles. You can make some fun and spontaneous activities such as dancing on the stage in your wedding pants with your friends. Remember spontaneity is the key to natural photos.

Pick your own theme

Bride and Groom in masks, Photo by Jonathan Borba
Photo by Jonathan Borba

It’s your wedding day, therefore, be brave and bold and find your best theme that resonates with you. Also, don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts with your photographer. Anything you have in mind that you want to try you can discuss in advance. Your photographer will consider the way to emphasize your theme in the wedding photos. 

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