5 ways to turn your smartphone into a professional camera

Nowadays, smartphones are more than capable of taking great high quality photos. With more and more features being added to smartphones as years go by, there is no doubt that they can capture excellent photos. Here are our 5 ways to turn your smartphone into a professional camera.

Use a tripod

Iphone camera photograph by Josh Power
photo by XiaoJie

Tripods are not only useful for cameras, but also for smartphones too. The aim is to provide stability which leads to higher quality photos. This is a great buy for taking product photos or even just on your family holidays. Tripods can vary in size as well so if it needs to be practical, you can just buy a smaller one!

Don’t use zoom

Iphone camera photograph by Josh Power
photo by Josh Power

Avoid using zoom on your smartphone cameras as they can hinder the quality of the photos. Instead, if you want to take a closer picture just move your feet! There’s nothing worse than having a blurry image on your camera roll.

live photos can create long exposures

Long exposure photograph by Lachlan Gowen
photo by Lachlan Gowen

A hidden feature behind live photos on your smartphone is that they can create long exposures. If you swipe up on an image, it will bring you to the effects panel then swipe across to long exposure. This effect blurs any motion in the scene over a few seconds, essentially recreating a long exposure effect. A really cool secret for those into effects!

burst mode

Iphone camera photography by Juan Di Nella
photo by Juan Di Nella

Burst mode is great for motion/action pictures. In other words, it captures a lots of photos in one go. Usually, you just hold down the button to create a burst. This feature is useful when you want to capture an action shot, for example someone jumping into the pool. It works well both in a professional and casual environment, as companies can choose from a whole range of photos. Alternatively, you can capture a great family moment with the burst mode too.

Lock your focus

Focus on iphone camera photograph by Callie Morgan
photo by Callie Morgan

If you want your camera to lock focus on an object, or avoid it from focusing on something else – you can hold down the spot on your view finder. Once you see the yellow AE/AF lock message it means that it has successfully locked onto the object or person. This is a great feature for companies who want to photograph products as you can recreate professional photos easily.

This article has shown us that we can create great photos even without having expensive and professional equipment. With digital technology becoming more prominent in our everyday lives, great photos are essential for businesses. So these top tips can help you create these high quality photos. If you’re wanting more ideas on how to optimise your product photography head to this article.

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