5 women leaders in digital marketing to follow

Becoming a leader in the digital marketing world can be quite difficult, sadly, even more for women. In fact, the number of women leaders in global companies is unevenly distributed. Only 8.1% (as of 2021) are women leaders, that’s 41 female leaders out of 500 Fortune CEOs.

Statistics: Stacked Bar Chart showing the Fortune 500 CEO Roles by Gender Distribution, Source: Fortune, Gender distribution of CEOs, Male CEOs, Female CEOs
Statistics: Stacked Bar Chart showing the Fortune 500 CEO Roles by Gender Distribution, Klaud9

However, the numbers continue to grow, as countless warrior-like women fight their way to the top of the corporate ladder. We have collected a list of female entrepreneurs, digital marketers and industry leaders especially to celebrate International Women’s Day. Discover below the top 5 most astonishing women in digital marketing who are crushing the digital marketing world!

Rachel Miller

CEO & Founder of Moolah Marketing

Rachel Miller plays various roles; a teacher, a speaker, an author, a strategist, as well as the founder of Moolah Marketing. She has helped more than 2300 clients to increase their social media visibility and credibility. Rachel and her digital marketing team help all kinds of businesses, to achieve social media traction in competitive environments. She highly contributes to the digital marketing world by passing her knowledge and successfully teaching other businesses how to keep their digital audience constantly engaged on social media. At the same time, Rachel also helps businesses convert their followers into paying customers. Her business has certainly exploded online and is an inspiration to other digital marketing businesses! 

Photograph of Rachel Miller, CEO & Founder of Moolah Marketing
Rachel Miller, CEO & Founder of Moolah Marketing

Talia Wolf

Founder & Chief Optimizer at GetUpLift

Talia is the founder and Chief Optimizer at GetUpLift. Her extensive digital marketing experience has helped her to aid multiple businesses to improve their audience understanding, with a customer-centric optimization process. Talia strongly believes that “Emotion and persuasion are key to optimize client’s websites and funnel in order to generate 10x leads, sales and revenue”. In fact, she is an inspiring digital marketeer with a wide range of expertise in emotional targeting, persuasion, optimization, customer experience, customer research, growth, and market analysis. A true industry innovator and role model in the digital marketing field. Follow her to gain knowledge into the best digital marketing practices.

Photograph of Talia Wolf, Founder & Chief Optimizer at GetUpLift
Talia Wolf, Founder & Chief Optimizer at GetUpLift

Melanie Deziel

Co-Founder & VP of Marketing at The Convoy

Melanie is an inspiration to the digital marketing world! When she is not teaching about the best practices in content marketing, she is strategizing, writing, creating and a whole lot more. She founded “StoryFuel” to teach creators and marketers how to develop their storytelling skills in a better way. This platform also helps clients to optimise their brand positioning, strategy, process and internal team structures. If you think that’s all, you are wrong! Melanie is also the author of the book, The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas. The book’s mission is to help its readers learn about the most reliable and successful methods to generate story ideas for their social media content, blogs and video material. Be sure to follow Melanie to learn more about content marketing. 

Photograph of Melania Deziel, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing at The Convoy
Melania Deziel, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing at The Convoy

Nisha Chittal

Managing Editor at Vox.com

Nisha is a traveller, food enthusiast and an avid writer. But on top of all, Nisha is a digital marketing expert, with over a decade of experience in expanding digital audiences and digital growth for both businesses and publishers. Through her digital marketing career, she has effectively managed teams within large multinational corporations, including NBC News, Vox Media, and so many others. Currently, Nisha works at Vox.com, where she leads a team of journalists who use digital marketing tactics (such as search optimization, social media, emerging platforms, analytics, crowdsourcing and reader engagement, newsletters and mobile alerts) to work on editorial growth of Vox.com. She certainly is a true role model for those looking to break into the storytelling, editorial and marketing world. 

Photograph of Nisha Chittal, Managing Editor at Vox.com
Nisha Chittal, Managing Editor at Vox.com

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

Ann Handley goes by many titles; digital marketing expert, content expert, keynote speaker, and more impressively bestselling author at Wall Street Journal. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the digital marketing field and was also one of the first female Chief Content Officers. In fact, she often speaks in various conferences and events, as well as writes pieces which are packed with knowledge and valuable insights. And if that’s not impressive enough, Ann has been cited in Forbes as the most influential female in social media. She also ranked as one of top 20 women bloggers in the world, recognised by ForbesWoman. You definitely want to follow Anna to gain insights from one of the world’s best digital marketers. A true digital marketing pioneer not to be missed!

Photography of Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs
Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

With the lack of female role models, this blog has highlighted some of the most inspiring women working in the digital marketing field. Let us be proud to celebrate such digital marketing women and all the women in the world this International Women’s Day! Celebrate women’s achievement and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to view our latest International Women’s Day 2022 GIVEAWAY!

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