6 Amazing Creative Stock Photo Tips

Stock photography is a great way to earn extra money, whether you are a professional or an amateur. Creatives and even people with a great eye for photography start a career in stock photography. However, it is also an art in itself, in which a few rules need to be applied. By following these 6 tips, you can increase your chances to sell your photos through stock agencies.

1. Choose the right topic!

Think about what customers and the market are truly looking for. Sometimes your photos don’t sell because creative directors or marketers cannot use your photos “commercially”. Think of yourself as an advertiser and imagine what visual content could interest brands and advertising agencies. Some of the most sought photos are portraits, children, people in a business environment, mother and child.

Don’t forget to follow trends! It is important to be aware of the latest technology, of trendy youngsters, of millennials, etc.  No brand wants to buy outdated visual content. If you want to get a better idea of great topics, have a look at the photos that are most liked by our customers.


2. Rule of Thirds

What is the Rule of Thirds? It is one of the most well-know rules of photographic composition. The principle of the rule is to break an image into 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines, in order to get 9 parts. Look at the example below.


The idea is that the composition is more pleasant for the eye if it’s placed in one of the intersections points, rather than in the middle of the frame. Indeed, studies have shown that when people are viewing images, their eyes usually go to one of the intersection points. By the way, this rule will also help you to sell your photos. Indeed, advertisers often need some space on the image to add their commercial text. However, the Rule of Thirds doesn’t apply in every situation. It can also be necessarily to break this rule to get an interesting and eye-catching photo.

3. Take Different Shots

Take photos from different angles, distances and locations. Preferably landscapes. If you shoot too many photos of the same, the chances that your photos get rejected due to cluttering of stock sites is high.


4. Become a Perfectionist

Before sending your photos, be sure that there aren’t any issues with them. Check every photo before you send it for trademark, noise, colour, imperfections, etc. Stock websites will definitely not allow you to upload photos with trademark issues. Keep in mind that any imperfections could make a potential client deciding not to buy your photos – Be meticulous and thorough.

5. Tag properly

If you want your photos to sell, they definitely have to be the right photos clients search for and have a great quality but you also need to tag them right! Below there are 2 examples of how you could tag:


Adult, Tourist, Souvenir Stand



20s, Adult, America, Asian, Chinese, Depth of field, Female, Gift, Happy, Look, Male, Man, Men, New York, Outdoor, Outdoors, People, Person, Postcard, Sightseeing, Shopping, Smile, Souvenir, Stand, Stock, Sun, Thai, Together, Tourist, Two, Two Persons, USA, Vacation, Woman, Women,Winter, With People, Young

We suggest you to add at least 20 keywords. You might think that is too difficult but in fact, it really isn’t. Just see the example: if you add “male”.. add “man, guy” ! And your chances have risen by 50%! The same for the tag “child”, add “girl, boy” and your chances of your photo to be found will go up. In brief, the more accurate keywords the more chances your photo will show.

Make a workflow list of how to describe your photo. Start a workflow list, keep it handy and be creative. Here is a workflow you could use for models:

  • Location
  • Ethnic background of the model (Singaporean, Indian..)
  • Race of heritage of the model (Asian, Caucasian..)
  • Gender of the model
  • Hair colour and length (maybe add curls, straight, frizzy)
  • Eye/Hair colour, length
  • Attire (dress type, dress colour)
  • Actions (drinking, sipping, sitting, sit, drink, sip, walk, walking, chat, talk…)
  • Emotions (togetherness, thoughtful, friendly, concentrated…)
  • Time of Day (morning, evening, lunch, afternoon, night, dark, dawn…)
  • Age of Models (child, young, old, adult, adolescent, ancient…)
  • Amount of people
  • Group
  • Family/friends, business women, business men

If you want to get a better idea of it, go browse other photos on Klaud9 and check out the tagging of other photographers. If you are already registered as a photograph, feel free to have a look at our keywords guidelines. – Don’t worry, in no time you will become a tagging master!

6. Share your AWESOME PHOTOS!

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