8 of Photoshop’s Biggest Faux Pas

Despite being one of the most popular photo editing tools available, Photoshop still has its fair share of faux pas when it comes to users editing their photos. From creating unrealistic images of ‘beautiful’ models to improbable product images, we’ve seen it all, and now we’ve selected our favourite Photoshop blunders to provide you with some light online entertainment.

  1. France Version of Travel Vibes


Anyone who knows Paris knows that the mountain and wooden stairs are not there. Maybe the intention of Travel Vibes is to incorporate several elements from all over France and just not Paris, but the citizens may not like it since it is not a proper representation if their capital city.

  1. The Unreasonably Long Hand of Gigi Hadid


We thought that Vogue is a progressive brand, yet they could not notice the inaccurate hand proportion of the lady in the middle. You also don’t think that Gigi Hadid’s hand would be able to hug two ladies, do you?

3. Reversed Hand on “The Babysitter” Movie Poster

Sans titre.png

Try crossing your left arm to the back your body. Does it look like the hand that holds the sandwich? We don’t think so. Both hands on the poster are definitely right hands.

4. Lengthy Neck of “Tomb Raider” Movie Poster


Can it be that her neck is that long? We think that the graphic designer should have taken a photo shoot of Alicia Vikander for a proportionate reference.

5. Human Leg Proportion According to “Ready Player One” Movie

dd - copie.png

The one climbing on the left of the image should be a person. But, why is his right leg so long?

6. Many Things Wrong with “Walk of Fame” Movie Poster


Again, an unnatural appearance. First of all, that is not the real size of a real clapperboard. Secondly, the woman’s face angle looks like as if she is looking at the back of the man’s head. Finally, the straight writing on the clapperboard that uses a chalkduster font is not appealing at all.

7. The New Emirates’ Airplane Does Not Have a Left Wing


When Emirates published its press release of its new airplanes on their website in 2017, they have chopped off the left wing of the airplane. Also, we don’t think they invested a good editor as you can see a sharp contrast between the airplane and the city. Apparently, a big company can also make mistakes.

8. Veronika Kay’s Missing Leg

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.55.11 AM.png

This one is old but gold. An obvious mistake that can be easily missed by the editorial team and even the reader. However, we are hoping that this kind of mistake will never occur anymore in the future.

Images used in marketing campaigns are the representation of the brand’s image. Therefore, the marketing team contributes a huge part of whether the company is seen as committed or inconstant, conscientious or sloppy, inspirational or unexciting.

Klaud9, as a community that showcases awesome photo collections, can be a place to start learning about photography. To avoid similar mistakes as above, we suggest you to look at an available photograph for reference of an inspiring landscape, a natural human expression, and body proportion, as well as a correct contrast, saturation, and color balance.

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