A guide to male model poses

If you are a guy or know a guy who has to pose for a photoshoot, but doesn’t know how to pose, you are in the right place! We know, sometimes during a shooting it is difficult to find the right pose and not feel awkward … you don’t know where to put your arms, how to put your head or what expression to do! But don’t despair, we’re here to help you pose like a real model, so here’s a guide to male model poses!


First of all here are some standing poses, these will be easy to make because you will not need particular tools or specific locations. To get good poses, just follow a few tricks!

leaning against the walL

A guy leaning against the wall
Photo by Chris Benson

If the shooting takes place outside, or on the set of the shooting there is a wall, this can be exploited! Leaning even slightly against the wall will help the model to assume a more natural pose. Although this can also be used for more original and structured poses, depending on the shot. A front shot will make the wall the background of the photo, so make sure the wall is “photogenic”. A side shot will allow you to create a sense of depth.


A guy walking towards the camera
Photo by Omar Tursic

For a truly natural photo, we recommend you to try this pose! It is a great classic, which can be made both indoors and outdoors, the important thing in this case will be to take up the whole figure. For a successful photo, the model will not have to walk too fast, or the photo may be blurry!


A sitting pose can be done in different ways and in different locations. It will help create a more relaxed atmosphere and a more natural pose.

Sitting on a chair

A guy sitting on an armchair
Photo by Shamim Nakhaei

If the shooting is indoors, you can use a chair or stool for the model to sit on! This will help you create a more relaxed and confident air. It is a very versatile pose, depending on the mood of the shooting, you can recreate a more authoritarian pose, for example with crossed arms, or a more relaxed pose.

Sitting on steps or on the ground

If the shooting is outside you can use everything around you for your photos! If there are stairs, or a low wall these are perfect for the model to sit and create a cool photo. For a more grounge effect you can have the model sit on the ground!

A guy sitting on steps
Photo by Karsten Winegeart


Often when taking pictures, the most difficult part of the body to pose are the arms! Even a good pose of the body, without a good pose of the arms can be clumsy and ruin the success of the photo. So here are some tips on arm poses!

Crossed arms

A man posing with crossed arms
Photo by Ali Morshedlou

This is the simplest pose for the arms, because it is a position we tend to assume naturally. It’s a pose that conveys authority and pride. But be careful not to make the photo too cold and detached!

fix the outfit

Man fixing his cuff
Photo by Jeremy Beadle

For a more natural and spontaneous pose, a very simple idea is to tell the model to make a few gestures to fix his outfit. For example, he can fix the knot of his tie, button his jacket, adjust the cuffs of his shirt or button and watch. They are very simple poses, because they are daily gestures, which the model will be able to replicate very naturally, and they will also help you to bring out the style and details of the shot!

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