A Quick Fix for Your Creative Block

Have you ever been in a creative block? That feeling of not being able to visualize any stories for your photographs. Or being unable to come up with fresh concepts for your projects? We all know how terrible that feels, in a world where creatives need to always have waves and waves of ideas that are fresh and surprising, we need to always maintain this stream of ideas in order to stand out from the competition.

But how does one escape this block or improve the quality of their ideas further? Klaud9 is here with a quick aid on how you might be able to overcome this predicament.


1. Use What You Observed as an Idea

Woman watching movie in theater
Photo by Jacoblund – download here

Usually, ideas can be inspired by something. Spending too much time in your head when you are drawing blanks may not be the most productive. Instead, an idea could be a twist from a small detail from a movie you just watched or a eureka from a photo out of two hundred that you were looking at.

The more stimuli you connect with, the stronger your stream of ideas!

So, connect with as many things as possible, whether it be movies, photos, video games. The more sources of information you have, the more content you can draw from to produce ideas.


2. Think on a Deeper Level

Contemplaining ideas
Photo by Dragonimages – Download here

When you stop and attempt to find meaning in what you see, you will find a deeper understanding of what you are witnessing. Is anything really what it seems on the surface? When you are finally able to discover these meanings, you will discover new ideas and ways to communicate what is happening.

Anything can be more than what it seems to be. When you constantly question your own assumptions, you will, without realization, reach a fresher state of mind that is already generating new ways of communicating and one with better creativity.


3. Regurgitate What You Consume

Photo by Hafiz – download here

Now, it is one thing to absorb and be able to know these things, it is another to spew it all out. Really liked that movie? Or that small detail you saw in it? Scribble it down somewhere, even better if you can visualize and draw it out. Talk to someone about it, or talk to yourself about it. By doing so, you use all your different senses to really remember it, and when you are able to remember it, you are able to recall it. This would allow you to come out with new ideas in the future.


Photo by Theramblingjoe – download here

“The best ideas don’t need to be sought out at all; you just have to train yourself not to swerve out of the way when they jump out in front of you” – Jon Forss

Now what it boils down to is sometimes, ideas may not come to you just by sitting in your chair and thinking of what might be something new and surprising. If you are drawing blanks, chances are you will continue to for quite a while. But sometimes, it comes from what you have observed. That break you took to go and look at Asian stock photos. Or that break you took to go out on a walk at your nearby park. All these things you did and observed could be a path to an idea.

Sometimes, that’s where your ideas will come from. That’s when your personal stream of ideas will start flowing again. Never set yourself at a place that feels like you stuck yourself, if you do, start to be on the move in order to prevent a creative block. Occasionally that includes leaving your work desk.

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