Advantages of  360° photography for your marketing strategy

These days, a lot of companies use 360° photography on their social media channels or on their websites. You might have seen easily these 360° photos on the website of a hotel or a venue. From the very beginning, the business owners attract customers by introducing products more visibly through 360° photography content. It can create memorable and interactive experiences for clients that will keep people longer at a website. Beyond the limit of usual images, 360° photography allows people to feel the space as if they are actually in the place. Thus, the experience encourages customers to buy the products or services. Let’s check out more detailed advantages of 360° photography for your marketing strategy!

Better understanding of the space

photo by Nicolas Solerieu, AR in the phone
photo by Nicolas Solerieu

As mentioned, businesses such as hotels, airlines, construction sites, and event venues are using 360° photography as their marketing tool. They display their products on their websites and give their clients opportunities to check the space in advance. One 360° photograph helps people understand better about the goods than 20 regular images. It will also enhance the view of customers and make it easier for them to immerse themselves in the space. Clients will get a glimpse of what they will get even prior to the purchase. 

For example, hotels can use 360° photography to attract customers and take them on virtual tours of their different spaces inside. The potential clients can experience the place, service and product already at home and get a better understanding before booking. 

Increasing customer loyalty

photo by Cytonn Photography

Companies post new content regularly on their social media platforms to keep the customers in the loop. The more they engage their audiences, the more conversion they get. It gives the impression that you are always in the market and ready to help your consumers always. Therefore, when you have new products such as renovated rooms or venues, uploading the 360°images could increase will increase engagement with people and further, customer loyalty and satisfaction. Because customers feel more trustful of companies that provide the latest updates and trends on a regular basis. And it would be even better to show them more visible and clear 360°images to build up stronger relationships with your clients. 

Competitiveness reinforcement

photo by Issac Smith

Imagine there are two similar hotels you need to choose between. One provides 360°images of their rooms and the other has only regular photos. Which one would be more reliable? Probably the one with 360° photos. As such, using 360° photography as a marketing tool enhances general competitiveness. In terms of product and service awareness, potential customers will choose a business that shows their goods better than their competitors. Moreover, as already mentioned, sharing 360° content on social media would be also useful to attract potential clients and to get a competitive advantage. Because customers will be able to examine the details in 360° photographs easily on your social media platforms and get to know what they should expect from your products and service. 

Enhancing Google search results

photo by Henry Perks

Implementing 360° images to your websites can boost its visibility on Google search as well as Google Maps. Once you embed your 360° content on Google Maps, users can take a complete virtual tour by seeing both inside and outside of the place when checking street view. That means, people don’t have to deliberately visit your website and check the 360° images. Instead, they can easily and naturally get access to your 360° images by using Google Maps.

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