Advantages of virtual reality for real estate

The development of technology is reaching higher levels nowadays. Photography is also progressing with its development, its latest technological frontier is virtual reality. Virtual reality for real estate allows house plans to come to life in a 3D format. You can use this technology to improve and increase your real estate business. To know more about the importance of virtual reality, here are some advantages of virtual reality for real estate!

helmet for virtual vision
Photo by Vinicius Amnx Amano

reach more people

First of all, it allows you to reach a greater number of people. Today, in fact, about 95% of people look for a house on the internet. Of these, more than 50% buy the houses they found on the internet. Therefore it is very important to increase and improve your online content.

Greater visibility

The virtual tour allows greater visibility to the advertisements, because it is able to give a number of information that is difficult to find except with a visit to the place. A higher quality of the ad always corresponds to greater visibility. By browsing, the virtual real estate tour clarifies any doubts related to the layout of the premises, to the distribution of the spaces wich would remain if you only use floor plans and photos.

Shorten sales times

These factors lead to shortening sales times. Customers who respond to the virtual tours are more filtered, they know much better what they want, they have already virtually visited the property they are interested in and are now ready to visit it in person. This also allows you to shorten the time of the appointment, because visitors will have already virtually visited the property.

show the project

Virtual reality technology allows real estate agents to show spaces that are not yet finished. For example, if there are any adjustment works to be carried out in the house that are not yet completed, with virtual reality it will be possible to visualize the final result. In addition, did you know that more of 68% of people wants to see how their furniture would look like in their new home? With virtual reality, potential home owners can visualise their furniture in the rooms making it more personal.

keep up with the times

As already mentioned, technology is constantly advancing, so in order to survive in the market it is necessary to know how to exploit all that technological progress has to offer. People are becoming more and more technology-friendly, and it’s important that your business also keeps up with the times. In fact, more than 70% of young people are positive about the use of virtual reality.

Easy to use

a phone that does the tour of an house
Photo by Nicolas Solerieu

Once created, virtual reality tours are easy to use. They can be viewed using the helmet for a complete visual and sensory experience. In an even simpler way, they can be uploaded to youtube, inside of your website or the site containing the real estate ads. Customers view the virtual tour and browse it with the help of the mouse or on youtube with Google cardboard. All you need is a virtual tour videographer and a plan of the house!

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Whilst virtual reality is still something that is coming into society, at Klaud9 we have started filming 360-degree virtual tours. This is a great way to show consumers what the venue is really like. To find out more, please click here.

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