Are Mobile Phones Killing Photography?

With the evolution of technology, it is nearly impossible to ignore what mobile phones have to offer. Since mobile phones were first introduced to the world, they have not only been able to change the way people live, but also the way people perceive things. Everything has become so handy that people have regarded mobile phones as a life-saver.

Now that everyone is able to take photos on their mobile phones we are asking, are mobile phones killing photography?

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In an interview with BBC during his polaroid photos exhibition, famous filmmaker and photographer Wim Wenders pointed out what he thinks about capturing photos using camera phones, “It’s more alive than ever and at the same time it’s more dead than ever.” He loves polaroids but is not a fan of camera phones. Wender says, “The trouble with iPhone pictures is nobody sees them. Even people who take them don’t look at them anymore and they certainly don’t make prints.”

Wender’s statements may make him sound as if he is reluctant to adapt to the new era of digital revolution, but with his major reputation in the cinema world, his points about photography’s use of camera phones are worth discussing. What does he think about all the camera apps and filters? Isn’t photography more creative than ever? He says, “I know from experience that the less you have, the more creative you have to become.”

When it comes to selfies, he does not dislike them, and he even admitted that he takes selfies himself. Yet, he said that selfies can’t be called photography. Meanwhile, for image manipulation, he adds, “Photography was invented to be some sort of truthful testimony of our world than painting. It’s not really linked to the notion of truth anymore.”

What do you guys think? Wender is challenging you to find a new word for the new activity that looks so much like photography but isn’t photography anymore. Any ideas? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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