Are You Cut Out for Being a Stock Photographer?

If you’ve been following Klaud9‘s social media you might have noticed a good-looking Spanish photographer had been featured in our posts. We recently had the privilege of having Santi Nuñez (Nunezimage), from Spain, visit Klaud9 Singapore office for one month and work with us on a number of exciting projects.

Even though he was busy shooting in every corner of Singapore, we managed to get his attention for a few minutes to get some more insights into the man behind the camera and his thoughts on all things about stock photography.

Read this article and learn more about Santi’s strong passion for stock photography.

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1. How did you become a stock photographer?

I have been working as a 3D designer with different companies for several years. However, little by little I started to lose my passion for my work and got to know stock photography. That’s when I started measuring the possibilities that this job could offer me. I then took the decision of buying my first camera and learned how to use it by myself. At this time, I had never taken any photo! (laughing)

2. How would you describe your style?

I really like humanity, human beings. In all my sessions, I always love when there are people in front of my lenses. I like interacting and having a great moment with them. I also like capturing funny moments; people’s smiles are always the main protagonists of my images. I also enjoy illustrating offices and sports. In each session, whatever is the theme, they all have something in common: they need to express the present moment.

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3. You’re Spanish. How does your ethnicity impact your work?

Without any doubt, my background has a big influence on my creativity and my work. In Spain, we have very contrasting environments through the year: two contrasting kinds of weather; big cities with small villages; and the landscape of coasts, mountains, and forest. All this helps to create a variety of visual content. Besides, people in Spain are very open-minded, friendly and sociable. That helps tremendously to make sessions with a natural and real touch; two very important concepts in stock photography.

4. Who inspires you? Who’s your mentor?

The reason why I am sitting here now is that of Victor Torres. I met him through a workshop I took in Spain on stock business, and he really motivated me to start doing some stock photography. He taught me every aspect of this fantastic world. I will be eternally grateful to him 😀

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5. How do you come up with new creative ideas?

I often think about usual things of my daily routine and try to reflect it with my camera in a “commercial” way. Other times, simply by walking on the street, looking at different advertisement campaigns, surfing on the Internet, looking at the TV or reading magazines. They all give me continuous inspiration. In addition, a social media platform such as Instagram is another way of finding authors with huge talent and infinity of new ideas.

6. How do you find your models? How and why do you choose them?

I never work with professional models. Since I started to dedicate myself to stock photography, the models I have worked with have always been my girlfriend, friends, persons I met and even people I stopped on the street because of their nice look. I always try to find a beauty that is very natural. The most requested concept by clients and customers is “real people”.

7. How did you find out about Klaud9 and start working with them?

Today, thanks to stock photography, I keep a very close relationship with Victor Torres (you remember… my mentor 😀 ). He was the first one introducing me to Klaud9 and I quickly got interested in this newly Asian Visual Content Community. The idea of working within a new culture, a new city, and a new project is something that deeply seduced me.

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From this short but insightful interview, we can learn that stock photography is still relevant. Even better, it can be a promising & fulfilling profession if it’s done right. If you also want to sell your beautiful photos and earn some money like Santi does, you can contact us at anytime!

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