Best pre-wedding photo Locations in Jakarta

Jakarta is a massive city with a large variety of locations for a pre-wedding photoshoot. In this blog, we’ve focused on the most beautiful pre-wedding locations for pre-wedding photos from nature-based to traditional and cultural. There’s sure to be a great pre-wedding photo location for every style a couple or pre-wedding photographer could want for a pre-wedding photoshoot. For pre-wedding photo locations in Singapore, we have a blog for you here!

Locations are super important to pre-wedding photos to help capture the personalities and emotions of the couple in them. Furthermore, certain pre-wedding photo locations can make the whole experience even more special, memorable and joyful. Some pre-wedding photo locations on this list have many other things to do such as the museums in Kota Tua and all the different activities in Taman Mini Indonesia Inah. As well, certain pre-wedding photo locations can give couples pre-wedding photos very different to their wedding photos at a normal, standard venue.

Let’s dive in!


Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta 73Photoworks - Klaud9.
Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, 73Photoworks – Klaud9

Firstly, we see one of our pre-wedding photo locations for a photoshoot in a historic setting. A favourite of pre-wedding photographers, Kota Tua comprises the original downtown of Jakarta and contains Dutch-style structures mostly dated from the 17th Century. Furthermore, it’s one of the last remnants of Jakarta’s colonial history as modern development forms the rest of the city. In addition, there are walkways and waterways in Kota Tua that pre-wedding photographers can use to add some variation and nature to the pre-wedding photoshoot.

In addition, there are many museums in Kota Tua displaying its history. Therefore, this pre-wedding photo location is even better for those interested in Jakartan and Indonesian history. There is the Jakarta History Museum, the Wayang Museum, the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, and the Maritime Museum. Couples may even be able to get some pre-wedding photos taken by their pre-wedding photographer in some of these museums! Also, there’s the legendary cafe called Cafe Batavia which was built in 1805 as the governer’s residence. It has 19th Century-style furniture and historic photos. If you’re in Kota Tua, be sure to visit it.


Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, Mira Afianti - Klaud9/
Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, Mira Afianti – Klaud9

Secondly, we have Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which is a culture-based recreational area that depicts all aspects of physical Indonesian culture. For example, things such as architecture, clothing, dances and traditions. Apart from that, there is a lake with a miniature of the archipelago in it, cable cars, and museums. As such, there is a large variety of aspects of Indonesian culture that pre-wedding photographers could capture here in a pre-wedding photoshoot. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is surely one of the best pre-wedding photo locations for a cultural setting in Jakarta.


Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, Eteria Photography - Klaud9.
Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, Eteria Photography – Klaud9

Next, this is the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park (TWA). In Indonesian, Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Angke Kapuk. This Mangrove is perfect for couples and pre-wedding photographers who want a pre-wedding photo location with greenery and in nature. Furthermore, it is a rich ecosystem and habitat to many different species of birds adding to the feel of nature. In addition, the pre-wedding photographer can take the pre-wedding photos of the couple doing fun activities exploring nature. For example, sailing around the river, hiking through the camping grounds and water huts, and cycling through the park. Couples can even do these activities before or after the pre-wedding photoshoot and just have a fun weekend! Visiting here can be a lovely getaway from the city, adding to the serenity of a such a special occasion for the couples like their pre-wedding photoshoot.


Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, Bima Adhitya - Klaud9.
Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, Bima Adhitya – Klaud9

Especially at sunset, this particular spot is wonderful for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Ancol Beach City is a popular place for weekend getaways with a grand shopping and leisure complex too. There are malls, auditoriums, restaurants and adventure zones. Additionally, Ancol Beach hosts various water sports, including jetskis and boating. As a result, pre-wedding photographers can take pre-wedding photos of couples doing these activities, capturing the fun of the moment. Ancol Beach City is a great choice for couples wanting a modern, vibrant, and lively pre-wedding photo location.

5. THousand ISLands

Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, GoFotoVideo - Klaud9.
Pre-wedding Photographer, Jakarta, GoFotoVideo – Klaud9

Finally, we have Kepulauan Seribu, also known as “The Thousand Islands”, which is a chain of 342 islands in the north of Jakarta’s coast. They form the only regency of Jakarta. The islands stretch 45km (28 miles) north into the Java Sea at West Jakarta Bay.

Photo of Pulau Macan eco lodge in the Kepulauan archipelago - Klaud9.
Photo of Pulau Macan eco lodge, Kepulauan Seribu, Klaud9

The Thousand Islands are one of the best nature-based locations in Jakarta for a pre-wedding photoshoot with the greenery of the islands and the lovely turquoise water away from the concrete city. It is like Bali, an extremely popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Furthermore, pre-wedding photographers can take pre-wedding photos of couples at some islands which are home to resorts and another two islands which are historic parks. Additionally, they can also opt for lodges like Pulau Macan eco lodge in the photo to the left. Pulau Macan’s island is powered entirely by solar power and the lodge itself is built from just driftwood!

6. Terrarium Rooftop – The Imperium

Pre-Wedding Photographer, Jakarta, at Terrarium Rooftop The Imperium - Klaud9
Pre-Wedding Photographer, Jakarta, at Terrarium Rooftop The Imperium – Klaud9

This final pre-wedding photo location has a stunning nature feel with lush green leaves, radiant florals, and intricate vines. As well, it has a luxury aesthetic with amazing views of the Jakarta cityscape. It’s a private pre-wedding photoshoot location tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet, it’s still in Jakarta and very accessible to the couple and pre-wedding photographer.

The Imperium also has a venue connected to the Terrarium Rooftop which is ideal for if you want to have the wedding here too. There’s the Bali-in-Jakarta outdoor venue which is a spacious semi-outdoor venue with a rotating indoor lounge.

That’s our best pre-wedding photo locations in Jakarta. If you enjoyed reading this blog, you’ll surely love these outdoor wedding locations in Jakarta and our top 8 pre-wedding photo locations in the whole of Asia! We have many other blogs relating to all sorts of locations, photography and photographers, especially wedding photographers, in Asia which you can see here.

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