Best wedding photographers in Kuala Lumpur

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event and planning a wedding can get quite hectic. We know that no wedding is complete unless you capture all your special moments. So, to reduce your stress, we have put together a list of best wedding photographers in Kuala Lumpur.

Benson Yin

Couple posing in Paris, wedding photographer, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: B.Yin, Klaud9

Wedding photographer Benson Yin specializes in pre-wedding and wedding photography. This award-winning photographer takes up projects both locally and internationally. Being surrounded by love everyday pushes Benson to greater heights. Moreover, he is meticulous with his planning. He puts in all the effort to understand the client to deliver them the best results. According to this wedding photographer, couples should always select photographers that fit their style.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Taking wedding photos are definitely one of my passions in life as I believe the moments are priceless, consists of love, promise, passion and full of joy.”

–       Benson Yin

Daren Chong Photography

Couple posing, wedding photographer, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: D.Chong, Klaud9

Wedding photographer Daren Chong has been in the list of Asia Top Photographers multiple times. Daren would describe himself as a photojournalist with a true passion for wedding photography. If you want timeless photos that reflect the true essence of your love, Daren should definitely be in your list. He just knows when the perfect moment is to capture a photograph. Additionally, he experiments with new style to fit the needs and taste of his clients. His muse is the couple he is capturing, and he draws inspiration from them to get his creative juices flowing. Thus, resulting in nothing but unparalleled art.

Louis Loo Professional Photography

Couple at their wedding, wedding photographer, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: L.Loo, Klaud9

Wedding photographer Louis Loo started as a commercial photographer in Kuala Lumpur. It was in 2001 that he realized his true passion lied in wedding photography. He believes that each wedding and each couple is unique. His photography reflects this uniqueness by capturing split seconds of magical moments. Moreover, he believe in capturing moments not only through photographs but also through his heart and soul.

“What I like about photography is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

-Louis Loo Photography

John Ho Photography

Couple at their wedding, wedding photographer, Klaud9, kuala lumpur
Wedding Photographer: J.Ho, Klaud9

John Ho is one of the leading wedding photographers in Kuala Lumpur. His expertise lies in capturing the true emotions on your wedding day. He provides exceptional service to his clients. This wedding photographer works towards making sure that his clients are at ease and that they are enjoying the process. They provide photography services both locally and internationally. He pays attention to detail to ensure that his clients have a seamless experience. Furthermore, he also provides his own props to add unique touches to the wedding or pre-wedding photographs.

KenChan Production

Couple posing on the street, wedding photographer, Klaud9
Wedding Photographer: K. Chan Production, Klaud9

KenChan Production was founded by wedding photographer Ken and his four associates. They provide both wedding photography and videography services. That’s not all, if you wish this wedding photographer is also experienced in drone photography. The production them consists of four important pillars. This includes: a producer, a shooting assistant, an editor and lastly a makeup artist.

“It gives me tons of fulfillment to see the happy smiles on the couple’s faces. There is no other job that can win so many smiles in a day.”

KenChen Production

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