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This month we are showcasing the work of photographer Shawne Koh and his trusted Sony A7Sii.

Shawne Koh is a Singaporean professional photographer currently based in Singapore. Like most budding photographers, Shawne’s interest in the field grew from his love of capturing his travels. Through this passion, his love for photography “slowly evolved into part of [his] visual storytelling as a travel vlogger/film maker.

How would you describe your photography style?

I would say, my style is geared towards the entire travel experience. I try and capture all moments of the experience whether it being landscapes, people, culture, friendship, astronomy, wildlife, nature and/or portraits. I shoot anything that represents the experience in a destination and I am constantly inspired by how much terrain I have not explored in this beautiful world.

Who has been the greatest influence on your work?

I do not really have a single biggest influence however definitely the experiences I gain from my travels and my desire to share those does drive me. One Instagrammer that truly stands out to me personally is Jack Morris (@doyoutravel). I usually come up with new ideas by seeing what is already out there and trying to do something different or by placing my own spin on the latest trends.

What’s your favourite image?

Currently, it is a photo of me shining a torch into a night sky filled with stars. This image is definitely one of my favourites because it represents a sense of adventure and wonder, which is what I seek for every single day.

What is your most memorable shoot experience so far?

Last November I was in Japan for a solo trip. It was a very new and different but nerve racking experience for me, as I knew that I had no one to really rely on beside myself. However over time it really opened my eyes to the perks of solo trips and how I could complete indulge into my work and myself without having any worry about anyone else. Additionally Japan is just so rich in culture, welcoming people and endless natural beauty that it is easy to get engrossed in a place like that.

Any tips for photographers who want to take up stock photography?

Generally stock photography wants happy people, hence do what makes you happy. Do what connects you as an artist and just put your work out there. You never know what great opportunities could come your way. I sold my first picture within the first week!

You can check out more of Shawne’s work here where it is all available for purchase and use in your next campaign. Unleash your inner explorer.

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