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Today we introduce you to Dirgan Fasa, an experienced commercial photographer in Singapore. Aside from his work in commercial photography, Dirgan has also worked in lifestyle, food and portrait photography.

Dirgan started his journey with photography at the mature age of 32. He saw an opportunity to provide private clients and commercial customers with a more specialised, consistent product than what was being offered at the time in his home market of Singapore.

His business model quickly became a success, and he rapidly grew in both skill and experience. Since the launch of his photography business just a couple of years ago, Dirgan has gone on to become a prominent figure in the Singaporian commercial photography scene, working with major brands.

We interviewed Dirgan to get to know him better. 

So how did you become a professional commercial photographer in Singapore?

Whilst photography has always been an interest of mine from an early age, I only started to shoot professionally just 2 years ago at the age of 32. I wanted to pursue a career as a professional commercial photographer in Singapore because I discovered that there was a great market demand from businesses for high-quality visual content. The photography industry in Singapore is thriving and has changed a lot recently. Back when I started there were very few well-known commercial photographers, now there are many. At the time I wanted to fill the gap in the market by differentiating myself from the hobbyists. I felt I could offer a more refined and consistent product that companies could rely on for branded content.

Which tools do you work with?

Personally, I like to work with the Sony A7 III. In my eyes, it is the best option for professional photographers. It is a very well-equipped full-frame camera, with great focus and speed capabilities. Aside from the camera, I will always bring a lens and  Artificial Light. I can create any work with these tools!  

What inspires you?  

I  take inspiration from many local commercial photographers in Singapore. If I had to pick out my favourite of the moment it would be Geoff Ang. I have watched him gain success not just locally but also internationally, being awarded accolades for his work overseas. From him, I learned about the importance of consistency in work. That is the key to being a successful commercial photographer. Brands seek consistent and high-quality work.

Was it hard for you to grow your business?

Initially, I found it relatively easy to grow my business. Singapore is home to a thriving business sector. I am able to provide a targeted, professional product that appeals to commercial customers so I experienced a lot of demand in the beginning.

After a few months of working with brands, I started to benefit from a good reputation which continues to bring in new business.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to severely constrain opportunities In the commercial photography industry not just here in Singapore but around the world. The reality is that most companies have had to change their marketing model and budget. Increasingly, most commercial customers are starting to source content in-house and no longer spend to outsource professional photographers and videographers. The challenge for us as an industry is to prove our value, which, I believe we can do if we continue to create high-quality content and build healthy relationships with our clients and agencies.

For you, what makes for a great photo?

As a commercial photographer in Singapore, it is especially important to follow the clients brief in order to achieve the best results for the project. For example, to make sure that branding is always visible and that the products are shown in the correct setting as described by the client. However, I also believe that it is important for me to always incorporate my signature style. For example, I always make sure to take into consideration the use of light and the camera angle.

Is there a particular project that you are most proud of?

Out of all the project I have done, I am especially proud of my recent work with Standard Chartered Bank. I managed to carry out this project in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, overcoming the challenge of the limited client budget, following the brief to the wishes of the client and completing the job successfully. As a commercial photographer, it was a big deal to work with such a major brand name and especially so during these uncertain times. In the end, the client loved the final results.

Check out the results of Dirgan’s work with Standard Chartered Bank

In the future, I would love to continue working with leading brands in the international hospitality sector such as Hyatt, InterContinental and Marriott.  I believe my experience and skillset helps me with these types of projects.

Aside from my work as a commercial photographer, I enjoy carrying out my own personal shoots to explore themes and express my creativity as a photographer.  Whether it be travel or lifestyle focussed, I enjoy capturing the beauty of my surroundings.

How have online platforms such as Klaud9 helped DIRGAN to find more clients?

Klaud9 is very important to my business. It helps me to find work opportunities, build my portfolio and promote my services. In many ways, Klaud9 is my rep team. The site helps promote the professional brand image that I am looking to maintain and offers clients a hassle-free experience, which also reflects well on me as a creator. Klaud9 has allowed me to get my foot in the door on many branded commercial photography projects. I am unlikely to achieve these jobs on my own!

Check out some of Dirgan’s Work

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