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Can you define what Asia beauty is?

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Two Asian beautiful women putting the Vietnam Hats over the lake at evening twilight time, Countryside Lifestyle concept.

Wahyu Mahendra

Wahyu Mahendra started photography at the age of 15 using a Canon 550D camera. In the beginning, he only took photos of his high-school friends. He boosted his photography skills through self-learning from books, YouTube tutorials, and Instagram.

Vibrant colors and spectacular views are Wahyu’s specialty. He shows how good visual content can express emotions and get a lot of attention. Capturing with the perfect lighting, mastering the perfect composition, and finishing it greatly with editing skills aren’t easy tasks at all. Nevertheless, Wahyu manages to make out of every situation a masterpiece.

The background is in his photos stands out compared to the person. While the person is a part of a story that Wahyu expresses through each of his photographs. This Bali-based photographer succeeded to get hundreds of thousands of followers using an authentic style. Even though he travels a lot around Asia, he loves it the most to shoot in his home region.

Moreover, he uses a Canon 5D Mark III with the following lenses: SIGMA ARTLENS 24mm, Canon 85mm, Canon 75-300mm. With his own Presets, he edits with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. (can you please elaborate more or add insights on technicals?)


Firstly, the Japanese photographer MR007 created photographs anonymously. He captures the crowd of the modern city Tokyo precisely. It’s safe to say that his editing skills are exceptional. MR007 created delicate not by coincidences, he waits for the perfect moment which can take hours or even the whole day.

Through his Instagram, he exposed the difference between unedited and edited photos. His high-contrast black and white editing style create a dramatic look. He uses Snapseed, an App to edit the Contrast, Exposition, and Noir to create the authentic Black and White look. Another important App that MR007 uses is SKRWT. With this App, he straightens the photos and gives the photo a unique clean, and straight look.

He started photography with an iPhone, then he bought a small camera to take photographs anytime. He practices his photography skills in his daily life. He’d capture when walking on the way to work. His camera is always in his pocket. Photography relaxes and refreshes his mind.

Camera: FUJIFILM X-T1, iPhone (is it only on this photo or his whole IG?)

Lens: FUJINON 35mm f/2


Yuma Yamashita from Shizuoka (Japan) got introduced to photography through Instagram as an amateur and is today a professional photographer. He has worked for Adidas, Airbnb, Toyota, and other big brands.

With his “urban-style” he wants to tell a story. Every photograph has a different story and a different emotional impact. He tries to find the melancholic feeling and loneliness behind the striking environment. That’s why he tries to experiment with different styles.

Japan has many cultural and social walls, Yuma is trying to overcome them with photography. In an interview, Yuma said “[Photography] Is not a verbal language, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, only the content and the message you want to convey “

It’s interesting for him that in Tokyo history meets an ultra-modern city. For instance, old temples at the side of modern skyscrapers. He emphasizes that his own style is really important which is to present cold colors, motions, and emotions.

In conclusion, Social Media and photography platforms like Klaud9 make it really easy to showcase and sell photography to the whole world. That an advantage that takes photographers like Yuma and Wahyu to the next level.

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