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Do you have a heart for adventure? Then, you’ll enjoy reading this article. As Klaud9 got a challenging project to capture beautiful moments of all around China, we collaborate with photographers named Ziting and Kike Arnaiz.

Ziting is a Chinese photographer from Xi’an who has been part of the same project as Kike. What was the project about? A leading client in Singapore requested Klaud9 to shoot exclusive travel photos in 28 different locations in China (yeah… challenging but achievable!). To this end, we’ve contacted ambitious and creative photographers such as Kike and Ziting to help us reach this goal. Once the project was finished, the Chinese photographer accepted to share with us her amazing experience in Xi’an, her passion for Chinese culture and the most challenging part of this project.

WechatIMG11.jpegKlaud9: Where are you from? Where do you live? 

Ziting: I am from Xi’an, a lovely and ancient city in China with a rich culture.

Klaud9: How did you become a photographer?

Ziting: Back to the time when I was a university student, I would always use my camera to record interesting and meaningful moments happening around me. Over time, I became a photographer which is my actual profession.

Klaud9: Could you describe your photography style? What inspires you?

Ziting: My style is based on portrait photography. I think it is very interesting to photograph people. It is a way of recording their mood, emotions, and feelings.

Klaud9: How was your work experience with Klaud9?

Ziting: It was my first landscape and scenery photo project; which was a very exciting & new experience. Thank you Klaud9 for giving me this unique opportunity of challenging myself and learning new things!

WechatIMG13.jpegKlaud9: In which cities/locations did you shoot for this project?

Ziting: There were several places such as Huimin Street, Huaqing Hot Spring, and Huashan Mountain.

Klaud9: What camera equipment did you use?

Ziting: I used a Canon’s 5D2 and 5D4, 24-70 for the lens.

Klaud9: What was the most challenging part of this project?

Ziting: The most challenging part was the Huashan Mountain’s photo shooting. We arrived on the mountain very late in the evening and it was raining heavily! Fortunately, the next day the sun came out.

Besides, we were carrying 30 kilos of equipment while climbing the mountain, and the footpath was extremely narrow! Click here to see a small video of this experience.

Klaud9: Any tips for passionate photographers who want to shoot in China?

Ziting: I hope that there will be more and more people to get to know this beautiful city (Xi’an) with its long history and culture.


This story is incomplete without reading the perspective of Kike Arnaiz, the other photographer of this China photo project. Anyway, we will be doing a project called “Klaud9’s National Geography” Interested much? Don’t be shy and send an email to

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