Does Your Brand Lack Creative Empathy?

Barely a day goes by where there isn’t mention in the media of a creative campaign criticised for missing the mark. Following the devastating attacks in Manchester, England last week, The Straits Times was criticised for its ill placed Standard Chartered ad, which saw an image of a young couple lying on the floor with their belongings splayed out haphazardly around them, placed next to the editorial article detailing the events of the attack.

This creative oversight created the impression of lack of sensitivity and understanding and runs the risk of leaving a bad feeling with consumers who saw this.

In the past few weeks, some of the globe’s biggest brands have been widely criticised for marketing campaigns that have completely missed the mark. Dove ‘Bottle Shapes’, Pepsi ‘Big Protest’ and McDonald’s ‘My Dead Dad’ have all been widely criticised for completely missing the mark in the communication of their various campaign messages.

Adam Ferrier ponders in Mumbrella Asia as to whether this is down to a lack of ‘creative empathy’, meaning that there is a shortcoming in connecting with people via the creative ideas that brands use. Ferrier concludes that the best way to overcome this is not to rein in creative ambitions but to make sure that brands understand their consumers like never before and are insightful and perceptive in communicating with them.

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