Do’s and Don’Ts for your LinkedIn profile picture

Did you know that LinkedIn profiles with a photo receive 21 times more profile views than one without. In the professional world, first impressions are everything and this goes for your LinkedIn profile too. With everything moving online, you need to ensure that your digital presence is as professional as you are in person. We’ve put together a list to help you out that summarises our Do’s and Don’ts for your LinkedIn profile picture.


up close and personal photo

A girl headshot
Photo by Aleksandr Minakov

First of all, make sure your face is clearly visible in the frame. Like you would for an Instagram or Facebook profile photo, you want a photo that people can easily identify as you. We recommend shooting from the elbows or shoulders up. In addition, we suggest hiring a professional portrait photographer to capture your LinkedIn profile picture as they will have equipment such as a tripod to create a high quality and professional photo.

Don’t forget to Smile!

Boy similing
Photo by Joseph Gonzalez

Remember to smile for your LinkedIn profile picture, it isn’t a passport picture after all! Even if they are photos where you have to show your professional side, that doesn’t mean you have to be too serious. Smiling will help you appear more approachable and personable, so try to put on a genuine smile. Your portrait photographer will help you find the right pose for a professional and smiley photo!


A man with a white shirt and a jacket
Photo by Linkedinsalessolution

Don’t underestimate the outfit! Choose a formal and professional outfit. Avoid busy patterns, big logos or pictures, and multicoloured tops. Keep the tones neutral or even better, stick to black and white to be on the safe side. Moreover, if you are a glasses wearer, make sure that nothing is reflecting in your glasses. And for those who wear jewellery, ensure that they are minimalistic and not too distracting. This next tip is aimed at women. If you have your nails done, make sure they are either work appropriate or not seen in the shot!

Choose an updated photo

Man with a long beard
Photo by Mark Farias

Don’t be tempted to use a photo taken many years ago! Even if you think that in that photo taken ten years ago you look very good and that after all you haven’t changed much, that’s not the case! Over time, your physical appearance tends to change, and people who don’t know you may not recognize you in a photo where, for example, you had a different hair style or, for men, you wore a beard differently.



a guy posing for a passport photo with a serious expression and white background
Photo by Usman Yousaf

Do not use passport photos, it’s as simple as that! For some, it may seem like a good idea because you already have them and you don’t need to go out of your way to create another portrait photo. But we can’t stress enough that passport photos should only be kept for passports! They are somewhat cold and impersonal photos, which do not represent who you are. So leave these photos for when you need to renew your passport, and take new professional photos that really represent you.


a guy taking a selfie
Photo by Antoine Beauvillain

We know selfies are the easiest photos to take on your own, but keep them for your social media networks or to share them with your friends! Do not use selfies on LinkedIn because they are not very professional and probably aren’t very good quality either. We recommend giving this job to a professional portrait photographer to handle!

Work vs Personal Life

A guy posing with his surfboard
Photo by Nick Duell

Try to avoid photos that showcase you on holiday or enjoying a hobby for example! LinkedIn is a place intended for work, so try not to share your private life on there – save it for Facebook! If you want more a natural photo, perhaps choose one from a recent talk you did or conference that you attended.

If you like the idea of a professional portrait photoshoot for your LinkedIn profile but have no idea where to start. Then head to our blog for our 10 ways to get a professional yet natural business headshot.

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