Conociendo la fotografía conceptual de bodegones

What is a pen with nothing to write? Why birds have wings, if not to rule the skies? The attempts to visualize these thoughts are part of the work that photographers dabble in when we talk about conceptual still life photography.  Their job is to be able to create and capture ideas and concepts. What is the best way to portray an idea? How would that way get your point across with one simple look at your photograph? Without directly telling the audience, how would you use the references you have to construct an idea? In order to dance in the world of conceptual still life photography, their vibrancy of imagination must shine. Injected corn cob in genetic engineering laboratory, GMO food co

Injected corn cob by Phichak

In the field of conceptual still life photography, creativity can pour out like a broken dam, oozing out varieties and varieties of different ideas and executions. Yet while it means that one can stand out among their peers, it is as easy to stand out as it is to construct the same idea and execution as someone else. While it is an amazing feat to be able to tell such stories or concepts, there are as many similar themes as there are different ones. People venturing into such photography will need to find what works for them, and it must also be unique to their own self. What do you do that others are not doing in this field? The search for such an answer is part of the dance in this world. Internet connection concept

People on tin phones by Dragon Images

This does not mean you are to fear to venture into this world and experimenting, we like to think that the only way forward is your steps towards experimentation. The theme alone can span different horizons, you will never know what you are capable of in this field if you only take one shot at it. The more you dance in this world, the more graceful your photographs will become. What materials can you use? Will you use something tangible? Or something intangible? How will you use it? How will you utilize your resources to create something extraordinary? That is the key to conceptual still life photography. There is also an advantage in picking up this subject. Practicing your versatility in various mediums and experimentation allows you to explore more ways in handling different projects. The positive of this type of photography over other kinds like nature and portrait is the ability to not be restrained by the subject you have to cover. In this photography, your subject is a concept, and a concept itself cannot be made tangible. The photo itself is the identity it receives. Therefore, this means anything goes. What will you do? Exploring the unknown of how you can do conceptual still life will help you too in expanding the various ways you could or can do other projects. Man in Vietnamese conical hat

Photo by Dragon Images

Now, another thing to talk about is to let your imagination run wild. We have spoken about “anything goes”, but do not be tied too much by your concept. Do not reject any idea that may seem too far-fetched from what you are aiming for. When you do in those attempts while aiming for the skies, you might have hit the stars instead. So, the key here is to think of a concept and think of what you can do with it, but never throw away any idea that at first may seem too out of reach. All in all, do not be afraid to venture into this topic. Instead, be open! Klaud9 encourages your exploration as it may lead to many new discoveries. Who knows, you might find yourself being a natural at this form of photography. . . . Scale your photo shoots with technology. is Asia’s fastest-growing photographer community showcasing the latest and best work of talented local photographers. If you are a photographer or a client and want to start your journey with Klaud9 On Demand platform, contact us directly today!

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