La Asombrosa Golden Hour


Photo by StoriesFromLife |Download here 

The golden hour, that magical 60 minutes that happens every morning and every evening without fail. That hour that makes your photographs shine with radiance. Everybody loves it due to how magical it can be, the time itself and how it can transform your photos. 

The warm hues produced by the sun during the golden hour gives a more filled lighting that can hardly be found at any other times, and the low setting it is at creates soft, long shadows. Altogether, the golden hour can make your photographs stand out yet feel very soft and relaxing on the eyes.


Silhouette of palmyra palm or toddy palm trees and their reflect

Photo by Phichak | Download here 

The prospects of using the golden hour to your advantage are limitless, with the only shackles to its potential being the creativity that you can show.

How will you position yourself? How will you use the low hanging sun to your advantage? How will you pose your subject? The possibilities are endless when there are so many questions. So be sure you are there on time. Be sure you are there before the golden hour even starts. 60 minutes Is not a lot of time, and the sun will shift positions ever so slightly constantly these 60 minutes.  Do a lookout and plan ahead to anticipate the golden Hour, make sure you already know what you want to do.



Photo by Noah Silliman

Sometimes, the golden hour does not even last 60 minutes, depending on where you are. So embrace the time while it lasts, and take as many photos as you can. Be sure you do not spend too much time trying to find the perfect shot, instead, spend more time taking as many shots as you can, you can find the perfect one from the stash later.

But how will you use the golden hour to your advantage? The golden hour provides many advantages that you can use, you just need to handle seeing what you can build out of it. For example.

You can play with flare. Create lens flares by using the sun, lens flare is usually avoided due to it being incredibly intense and glaring in a photograph, but if done well with the warm and bright colours of the golden hour, you can create rather exquisite looking photographs.



Photo by Poui2388 | Download here 

Play with shadows, the low angle of the sun during the golden hour can create long and soft shadows to improve the sense of depth in your photos, and makes them look less flat. You can also choose to create silhouettes, take away their appearance, and the subjects become simple people enjoying what they’re doing. The many ways you can play with shadows should create opportunities that you will definitely not miss out on.

 Play with angles, the angle of the sun, the angle of your camera, play with both and see what you can produce. Will you lower your camera’s angle to create a more dynamic shot?

Keep it even and try something less drastic? Despite the short duration, do try to experiment and have fun with the time. Remember, you are there for a good time, not a long time.

Take the best pictures you can, especially during the golden hour, they are the ones that also emits a feeling of warmth that you would want to keep with you as memories. And if you ever need help with that, Klaud9 has photography services to fit your needs.

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