Exploring Drone Photography for Real Estate Marketing

Real estate drone photography and videos are gaining popularity amongst real estate professionals. Experts have already found that 83% of sellers prefer to work with agents who use drones to promote their properties.

The drone is mostly used to show aerial views of a luxury property’s manor, home features (interior of a home), and other property foregrounds. Drones have demolished the antique and expensive way of capturing the estate- Yes, it is like a helicopter with a camera!

Drone photography property
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Aerial Photography is upping the game in Real Estate

Using them we can create dramatic shots with features like automatic point-of-interest camera targeting, making for professional real estate photos that will be more attractive to buyers.

They can also give us a close-up bird’s eye view, focus on details of certain parts of the house that a photographer would be unable to reach. Smaller drones can also be used to capture wider angles and more dynamic shots of living space.

This is an era of advanced technology which pulls clients’ attention, aerial images, and videos to engage with clients dramatically. And this can lead to a humongous advantage to stand out among competitors and generate more business.

Limitations of Aerial Photography in Real Estate

More and more cities worldwide are asking for a license to drive drones. So instead of doing it yourself, hiring a professional drone driver sounds like a more feasible option.

There are also privacy concerns. Before real estate agents or home sellers launch a drone to photograph a property, they should talk to their neighbors and notify them in advance to avoid conflicts.

Best Drones for Real Estate PhotographY

DJI Mavic PRO: It’s a small-size drone with great camera qualities and Sky Autonomy obstacle sensing technology which allows the drone to sense obstacles up to 49 feet away and detour them to avoid the bump. More information at the vendor site.

Drone photography for real estate
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DJI Phantom 4 PRO: With intelligent flight battery and sleek build Phantom, 4 PRO has become a new favorite among real estate drone photographers. It has 5 direction obstacle sensing with maximum Speed of 45mph through which can conveniently shoot both indoors and outdoors. Discontinued but still possible to acquire it second hand.

dji phantom 4 pro
Photo by dji.com

Drone Real Estate Photography Pricing

In widespread, 1-10 still drone pictures are charged from $150 to $300. Short real estate drone videos, nearly 1-5 minutes, cost around $300 up to $1,000. The price will vary based on the location, the skill, and reputation of the photographer, the necessary editing, and the difficulty of what you want to shoot. Buying your own real estate-ready drone hardware can cost anywhere from just under $1,000 to more than $10,000.

What’s next?

Getting into drone photography by yourself could be costly, but we can help you with that! Klaud9 works with a network of real estate photographers in different locations worldwide and specialized in property photography with drones and standard professional cameras. Please contact us for more information.


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