Family portrait ideas for Christmas

Can you believe it’s already that time of the year? Family portrait photos are a great addition to Christmas cards or even a gift to your closest family and friends. With the latest baby shower and wedding portrait trends, there is no doubt that family Christmas portraits will follow suit as well. You will be able to take new photos every year, compare how much you have grown and how much you have changed! If you are looking for advice and inspiration you are in the right place! Here are our family portrait ideas for Christmas!

right time, right place

a family reunited at home in front of the Christmas tree
Photo by Ann Danilina

There’s nothing more exciting than choosing or creating your ideal winter wonderland for the background of your photos. Home is probably the first place you will have in mind! This is because home is the place where you spend most of the time with your family during Christmas. Get creative with your kids by transporting Christmas into your living room. A few ideas we suggest are; Santa’s grotto, recreating Christmas morning or sitting by the fireplace. Confer with your photographer to help you find the right set for your shoot, he will be able to advise you on the one with the best light and one that best suits the photo theme.

Brave the outdoors!

a family having fun outdoors in the snow next to a snowman
Photo by Josue Michel

If you have the chance to find an outdoor location, this can be a fantastic idea for an original and funny photo. Portrait photographers have a wealth of experience shooting in any climate, so don’t worry about that!. For example, if you live in an area where it snows you could have photos taken while playing with the snow, or making a snowman! It produces a more spontaneous and natural looking Christmas portrait if that’s what you are after.

Dress to impress

two children wearing the same Christmas pajamas
Photo by Christian Bowen

One thing not to be underestimated is the outfit! You can find funny Christmas sweaters, Santa hats, reindeer ears or even, why not wear matching Christmas themed pyjamas. Whilst it’s not the most important aspect of the shoot, it will get you all in the Christmas spirit!This will help make the photo fun and create the Christmas mood of joy and love!

Four-legged friends

a little dog with a christmas hat
Photo by Rhaul V. Alva

If you have a four legged friend that plays an important part in your family, you definitely need to include them in your Christmas portrait! If they’re willing to let you dress them up then go for it, you could all even have matching outfits! However, you must have a little patience, because it is not easy to get a pet to pose. So arm yourself with patience, treats as a reward and trust your portrait photographer who will be able to help you photograph your four-legged friend in an easier way.

behind the scenes

a family making the christmas tree
Photo by Jonathan Borba

One of the best parts of Christmas is putting up all the decorations together. All families have their own traditions, and this could be a great moment to photograph for your Christmas portraits. Your portrait photographer will take pictures of you decorating the house, cooking, or putting up the Christmas tree! Play around with lighting too. The photo above shows clever use of lighting with as it focuses in on the tree. Similarly to this, you could picture the moment when you first turn on all your Christmas lights.

Share the love

a mother and daughter kissing
Photo by Kate Hliznitsova

The spirit of Christmas is being with the people you love, your family and enjoying time together. Nothing is more Christmas-themed than a photo in which you share the love for your family. The more spontaneous you will be, the more realistic the photo will be and your portrait photographer will help you capture the best moments.


two glasses making a toast
Photo by Artem Kniaz

During Christmas lunches, there’s bound to be a ‘cheers’. Fill the glasses with bubbles, coordinate your arms up high and … cheers! Whether at the dinner table or just around the sofa, it’s a great moment to capture for your Christmas portraits. PS be careful not to do too many retakes or you will end up a little more tipsy than expected!

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