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Why food photography in Madrid matters.

The key to stand out

If you have a food business in Madrid, you are facing a competition of over 8,000 restaurants in the city. Finding ways to reach as wide an audience as possible is challenging.

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You don’t have to eat less, you just have to EAT RIGHT.

Luckily, there are several approaches you can take to market your business in Spain.

For example, you can invest on print ads in local media, launch a social media campaign, improve your SEO and appear in online searches, join delivery platforms… Regardless of your choice, however, there is one thing you will need in any approach you follow: high quality food photos. 

The main star of any food & beverage business is the dish or drink. The way it smells, filling the air with anticipation to dive right in. The way it tastes, when the first bite or sip is taken. And, of course, the way it looks, evoking freshness and satisfaction. But only the latter can be communicated to potential customers through your marketing efforts.

Your food Madrid photographs can make the difference between attracting new clients daily or pushing them away.

Food & Beverage Madrid, Spain, Photography, F&B, Food & Beverage, food photography,
Food is our common ground, a universal experience – James Beard

Just consider this: when deciding where to eat on any given day, especially in a huge city like Madrid, people rely on social media, Google searches and blog reviews to find the best place to have an excellent meal.

As much as words are important, the photos available are the determining factor. Dull, poorly-lit and messy photographs do not cut it. And even though smartphone cameras are increasing in quality, food photography goes much further than the right equipment.

The difference a professional makes

A professional food photographer has years of experience in capturing what is unique about your food and your business and translating it into high conversion images.

Food is a tricky subject-matter. Making it look appealing and drool-worthy takes the right food styling, lighting, background and composition. A lot of effort and expertise go into creating images that make your food stand out. 

In terms of return on investment, hiring a food photographer undoubtedly provides both short and long-term benefits.

Food & Beverage Madrid, Spain, Photography, F&B, Food & Beverage, food photography,
Good food is very often, even most often, simple food – Anthony Bourdain

Showcasing your food in the most irresistible way can fire up your social media campaigns, attracting new loyal followers that will share your photos with a larger audience. Your images will have higher chances of being featured in local media and international blogs. Not to mention that they can be used in improved photo-based menus, which are proven to increase conversions by 25% when compared to text-based ones.

Finding the best photographer in Madrid for your food business used to require a lot of research, being a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Not anymore!

Klaud9; is the innovative on demand photography platform; trusted by countless clients all over the world from Singapore to Barcelona.

Within 24 hours, we assign an expert to your food photoshoot. 

Tell us what you need, filling an intuitive online brief. After the shoot, shortlist your top images for editing. Most importantly, download the final pictures in high resolution and share them with the world! 

Need something a bit different? Contact us and we will create a custom package that meets all of particular needs. Regardless of your choice, your photographs have a commercial use license, giving you the freedom to use the photos anywhere in the world in any media, for a lifetime. No headaches and no stress.

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients, like Michelin star Gaig Restaurant, Guccio Ristorante and Quandoo. 

Discover why Klaud9 is the go-to resource to hire the best local food photographers. 

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