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As a food business in Kyoto; Are you looking for ways to take advantage of the growing demand for visual content? Either way, you should. Professionally shot food photography is a tested and proven way in which restaurants can increase conversions in 25%; Simply by switching from text menus to photo-based menus.

As customers rely more on social media, blogs and ordering online, food photography becomes more essential.

Tourists are eager to try the delicious traditional kaiseki cuisine and spend hours looking for pictures of the best restaurants and cafés to visit. Locals are also increasingly informing their decisions on what and where to eat through the Internet, before they have the opportunity to smell your dishes.

That’s why a strong online presence, with pictures that can make taste buds start watering, provides an edge over the competition. 

Since marketing strategies now depend heavily on imagery, dull pictures are not enough. But with the right professional, adequate lighting and impeccable styling, your social media accounts will be all the rage in Kyoto and all over Japan.

Mouthwatering photos can go as far as inspiring followers and other accounts to share their own images of your special dishes; generating buzz and reaching more potential customers. Professional food photos kicks-off a virtuous cycle for your establishment.

creating a strong presence to showcase your delicious dishes

Now is the perfect time to leverage the potential of the web. Restaurants with professional photo shoots get 60% more orders online than others. This can make a huge difference by the end of the month.

Use beautiful food shots in your own website or delivery apps and see how photo-based menus can increase your conversion rates. Or get captivating photographs of the food preparation and serving, including the chef and staff. Through experienced food photographers, you can showcase what is unique about your restaurant. 

Whether your specialty is Kyoto style sushi, matcha beverages or creative mochis; it’s time to make it look just as irresistible as it tastes!

make your menu come to life with original photos

In conclusion, of the benefits we already discussed; now it is easier than ever to hire amazing local food photographers in Kyoto.

Klaud9 is the go-to resource to find a professional food photographer affordably, without compromising on quality and speed.

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