Four Up and Coming Southeast Asian Photographers to Keep Your Eye On

The constant evolution of photography leaves room for young new talent to make their mark on the industry and challenge traditional creative processes. By pushing the envelope on more conventional methods, talented up-and-coming photographers help to push the creative culture forward, creating new trends and often forcing paradigm shifts. As the 19th century impressionist movement and the mid-20th century pop art movement shifted the perception and execution of art, today’s artists hold a similar responsibility in moving the culture forward. By understanding trends in art, companies can also adapt their visual marketing methods to better suit and connect with a younger audience, making it crucial for advertisers to be ‘in the know’ with respect to trends.


Jerald Saw (Singapore)


Jerald Saw is a young photographer whose impressive use of colour and spatial awareness makes him an artist to look out for. His seamless incorporation of young models in often vast landscapes demonstrates a talent for both human and nature photography, putting Jerald’s images at the forefront of what some may consider a ‘new age’ of social media influenced artistry. Jerald’s photographs often leave viewers in awe, using appropriate angles to manipulate scale perception and colour contrast to bring focus and grandeur to different focal points, evoking emotion and a sense of awe.


Joel Lim (Singapore)


Joel Lim’s dynamic range shown in both an impressive use of colour and black & white photography has propelled him into the spotlight as an up & coming photographer. Inspired by Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino, his portraiture and human photography show both immense creativity and a deep artistic talent.


Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore)


Robert Zhao Renhui’s use of documentary-style photography in capturing his observations and research into nature birthed an interesting, abstract ‘nature’ photographer. Zhao’s work plays with exposures to an extreme level, collating blank expanses of black with lowly exposed images to create vague focus. Zhao has questioned human objective perception And encourages viewers to question assumptions which they may take for granted in their daily lives. Through his plant & animal photography, Zhao has also addressed issues of environmental awareness.


Chan Dick (Hong Kong)


Chan Dick’s minimalist, seemingly observational photographic style coupled with an awareness of socio-political issues shown in his work has proven him to be one of the best young photographers in the world. Chan’s award-winning series “Chai Wan Fire Station” earned him major international critical accomplishment, winning first prize at both the Hong Kong Photo Book Awards (2015) and the Tokyo International Foto Awards (2016).


Walter Tan (Singapore)


Walter Tan is a creative director whose minimalist approach and focus on capturing the beauty in detail has brought him much attention globally. Walter’s clean aesthetic and “Less is more” philosophy in both photography and videography make him a figure to watch in creative world.


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