Get to Know Felix Hug. What gets him Excited, his Favourite Photos & Top Tips for Stock Photographers

This week we are got up close and personal with top photographer, Felix Hug. Find out what he has to say about his favourite photos, what gets him excited and his top tips for photographers considering stock photography.

Felix is an award wining commercial and advertising photographer with a strong focus on resorts, hotels and the tourism industry.

Singapore-based Felix’s photos have been commissioned and/or licensed from clients and ad agencies all over the world. Chances are that you have seen them on the covers of National Geographic Traveller, various travel guides and calendars, in-flight magazine covers, travel brochures and in 100’s of magazine publications all over the globe.

How would you describe your photography style. What do you like to shoot? What inspires you?

Commercial Hospitality & Lifestyle photographer. I love to shoot people who are following their passion, or are active in some ways. People who made slightly more adventurous choices in order to live an inspired life away from the conservative choice of family and the traditional business choices just to make money.

What gets you excited?

People who don’t really care what others think of them and just follow their dreams and passions. Discovering new places and locations and generally just being on the move. But overall my interests can be very varied and open-minded.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months?

Mostly just being able to focus on my photography and try topics and things I have not tried yet, or improve on the ones I worked on so far. In that context I hope to meet some cool people. Business-wise some “stability” would be nice. I would love to shoot more exciting resorts and hotels with unusual designs and in great locations.

What’s your favourite image and why?

I guess I used to have a few, but in our days it keeps changing quite a bit. I shot literally thousands of images I did like at the time, but the images that “stayed” with me and keep inspiring me tend to have people in them. Often some of my favourite images are from the last set I shot, only to fade away when I shoot a new one. From my more recent sets I like some of the images I shot in Bali with various talents and in great locations.

Any tips for photographers who want to take up stock photography?

Don’t do it. Its a heart breaking business. 😉 I guess the motive has to be clear when you start doing it. Why are you doing it? If you want to make this a full time affair, then you better work 24/7, shoot loads of people and have a back up plan. Better is not to do it as a full time business but as a supplement to what you do already.

The good thing about stock photography is you can always plug it in when you have time and can leave it again, when you do something else. The other thing I like about it is that you can do whatever you want and come up with your own topics and ideas. Its a great way to try a few things, while hopefully still selling some images.

You can check out more of Felix’s work here where it is all available for purchase and use in your next campaign.

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