How Property Photography Can Boost Your Rentals

In a world where 96% of tenants begin their search online, maximizing the appeal of your property online listing is almost mandatory. After all, it matters little how incredible your property is if people can’t see that. Sure, they can paint a mental image that piques their interest – but when the next listings have eye-grabbing photos, why even bother?

That is why adding property photos to your listing is essential. Otherwise, you will be wasting an incredible opportunity to spark interest, attract visitors, and increase your rentals. You have to remember that when browsing for a property, people are looking at hundreds of potential places. What is going to make them stop scrolling? You guessed it! Photos that stand out.

The importance of photography in Real Estate is probably clear to you by now. But it’s also important to know how exactly they work in your favour. 

Here are the top 4 ways in which amazing photography boosts your property rentals.

1. It shows what your audience wants to see

People don’t want to waste time when looking for a property. If the photos in the listing don’t give them relevant information, people will not give it a second thought. 

Now, if you use your property photos to create a full picture of what the place looks like, that conveys plenty of useful information! 

To do so successfully, it is important to know your audience. If your listing is for vacation rentals, your audience might want to know more about the entertainment amenities. If you are renting a house that is perfect for a young family, showcase the garden where children can play. 

2. Conveys how it feels to live there

Photos are also perfect to make people get a feel for what it is like being in the property. This subjective and emotional element plays a big role when it comes to making decisions, and you can appeal directly to that through photography.

Light images showing bright rooms communicate a positive, feel-good message. On the other hand, poorly lit photos depicting cluttered spaces create a negative and uncomfortable feeling on the viewer. Similarly, blurred and low-quality photos hurt your asking price, while having high quality images can help you negotiate: according to Redfin, properties with the sharpest 10 percent photos are sold at or above list price 44% of the time. And the same goes for property rentals!

Subtle things, such as a bright plant appearing in the corner of the photo, or the blue skies visible through one of the windows can go a long way in eliciting those positive responses on your audience. It becomes much easier to imagine what it feels like to be in that property, and this mental picture can be a deal breaker.

At this point, you might also want to consider home staging – decorating the property to make it more attractive to viewers. If you do so, be sure to take pictures of the bare property, before staging, and add it to your listing. Why? It allows possible tenants to imagine how the space would look with their own decor and particularities, if they so wish.

3. Highlights the best about your property

Think about the main strengths of your property. Maybe the rooms are particularly spacious, the garden is a knockout, the kitchen gadgets are the best available or maybe the view from your property is unbeatable. Your property rentals photography should put these attributes front and center, so your audience is immediately drawn to your property.

To accomplish that, it is important to know what kind of shot will highlight the property strength in the best way. If you want to showcase how big the space is, for example, wide shots are the way to go. But to focus on specific details, like the kitchen appliances, don’t distract the viewer with too much information, opting for a closer shot.

Remember that, when looking for properties, buyers spend about 60% of their time on an online listing looking at the photos. Make sure the viewer can have a complete picture of the property through the photos.

4. Makes it standout from the competition

By adding property rentals photography to your listing, you are already in tune with what your audience is looking for, since 84% of homebuyers “wouldn’t even consider buying a property if its listing didn’t have a photograph”, according to real estate website Trulia. 

But how can you make sure people click in your listing and not the one next to it? One way is playing to your strengths, as we discussed in the previous point. Another way is to look for less common approaches to property photography.

Drone photography, showcasing your property from above, can intrigue viewers and showcase aspects such as the green area surrounding the space or the size of the pool. 360 Virtual Tours make for an immersive experience that many tenants enjoy. Similarly, property videos can add a real-life feel to your property.

Klaud9 has a global database of talented photographers and videographers that can help you create thumb-stopping images of your property. Relying on experienced property photographers is the best way to ensure high-quality photos that capture your space in the best angles and lighting. 

Reduce the time your property stays on the market, selling or renting it 32% faster, with professional photographs that will leave your tenant eager to move in! 

Drop us a line or check out on-demand property photoshoot packages and take your listing to the next level.

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