How to create an effective visual content marketing strategy

As an English language adage said “A picture is worth a thousand words”, it is specially true when it comes to Visual content marketing. In the broadest sense, visual content marketing  is the use of anything that appeals to the eye, in support of selling a product, service, or experience.

Did you know people are able to remember visual information 6x better than the information they have read or heard? Because of that, in order to engage clients and stand out your business is essential to have a well-designed visual content strategy.

More than ever, people are being exposed to a new content at every second, it becomes extremely difficult to capture the consumer’s attention. However, using visuals is a good way to captivate consumer’s eyes.

1. Include a featuring image

create an effective visual content marketing strategy,
Banners have 99 problems and a click ain’t one. – Scott Sorokin

Including images to blog articles, website pages or email marketing draw the attention to the content and increase engagement. Seek to use impactful images that simplify the process of communicating the message you want to convey to the customer.

A good option is to use the online stock of images. Klaud9 has a great diversity of photos that you can use, click here to check.

2. Use a Variety of visuals

Think outside the box, create an effective visual content marketing strategy,
It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box.- Tim Ferriss

Don’t stick to just one kind of content. Explore other visuals formats and try to mix them to make the content more interesting. You can use:

Be creative!

3. Make the most of your social media

Create an effective visual content marketing strategy,
Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. – Jon Buscall

Social media platforms have a great potential to create brand awareness, increase sales/leads and to create engagement with clients. In order to conquer that it is very important to think about the content strategically.

Around 43% of costumers unfollow brands because they post a lot of ads. So pay attention in the kind of content you’re sharing, make sure to not only promote services and products. Invest on creating content that clients will be able to engage.

To design a content marketing strategically can help your company to reach sales and lead goals faster. Klaud9 helps business to create visual that will stand out on the online environment. Contact us to understand more about how we can help you!

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