Klaud9 Stock Photos to Keep an Eye on in 2019

Through photography, Klaud9 has witnessed the remarkable business that emerged in Asia throughout 2018. As businesses grow in scale, it would be necessary to improve their game, including in the marketing aspects. It can be a challenge, especially for Startups with relatively fewer resources.

To make companies’ effort less-overwhelming and more efficient. Klaud9 has been producing amazing stock photos that are relevant to the trends of the year. We have been keeping our eyes to what styles the clients like and most importantly localizing with Asian markets. To sum up these amazing stock photos, we have listed the top 10 stock photos from Klaud9.com that will be useful in 2019.

1. QR Code

The economic transaction is moving towards easier systems. To retain or grow the business, brands need to keep up with the trends. Thus, lots and lots of QR code stock photos have been produced by numerous Klaud9 photographers.


Photo by Taofiq – Download here

2. Coworking Space

As there is a lot of appearance from new startups, many coworking spaces have been able to grow. Coworking spaces help business by providing work offices that require less cost and not as much commitment as renting an office. Besides, the Millenials is starting to enter the workforce and companies need to attract them by providing a cozy and fun workplace.


Photo by Hafiz – Download here

3. Diversity

Countries are welcoming more cooperation with different nations in Asia. What’s a better way to represent a diverse company than with a picture that can be used anywhere, whether on printed media, advertisement screens, and digital media.


Photo by Hafiz – Download here

4. Gadgets

We are in an era where every brand wants to become e-commerce or known throughout the internet. Stock photos about gadgets (e.g. laptops & smartphones) are popular because it’s not limited to a certain industry or sector. Everyone has social media channels!

220954_3188d3f6-8328-4acf-8fc6-b8410a6452e0_medium (1)

Photo by Hafiz – Download here

5. Aerial

Drones have been manufactured for commercial and accessible by everyone. Even though there are prospects of drones to be used for critical purposes (e.g. rescue team, security, delivery), it’s mainly used for photography because the policies and rules have not been set. Aerial photography stands out because it can provide a wide that can’t be seen with eyes in one photo. Don’t you think photos like this would be great to promote local tourism?

221025_3021a396-067d-4ea8-97ce-c4b3e3bfe242_medium (1)

Photo by gahsoon – Download here

6. Women in Hijab

Islam is the majority religion is some big countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The trick to connect with local market is a no brainer, appear as if you are one of them through your marketing content.


Photo by Hafiz – Download here

7. Loved Ones

Affection can be shown with friends, families, and partners. This type of stock photo is amazing because it can save a significant amount of time and money in comparison to producing this type of photo on your own. Viewers love this type of photos because they are emotional which increases the rate of viewers recalling your brand.

8. Happiness in Business

Brands always want their partners to know and feel how convenient it is to work with them. Therefore, a person or team doing business with a happy face or excited gestures are always good themes for stock photos.

Happy business woman at her workplace

Photo by jacoblund – Download here

9. Holidays

Every time a big holiday is around the corner, we see brands using relevant visuals for sending messages and give promotions. Klaud9 always keeps you updated with relevant stock photos in advance.

188785_2e2264cb-2b93-4423-9aba-818633ffa77f_medium (2)

Photo by Nunezimage – Download here

10. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is Klaud9’s all-time favorite for stock photos. The trend is candid people doing daily activities, such as drinking coffee and doing exercises.

Using stock photos for your marketing campaigns, website, and social media is smart because to be recognizable on the internet — where everyone is there — you need to constantly create likeable content. See our other blog post here to see the advantages of using visuals for marketing content.

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