Lasting changes that Covid-19 is bringing to retail and E-commerce

Covid-19 has drastically changed consumer purchasing behaviour. We have seen many countries closing shops due to mandatory regulations. Whilst it may only have been a short period, it has impacted the way that people shop. Retailers are either having to increase their online presence or adjust the normal shopping ways to suit Covid-19 rules. In the past year, companies have seen a dramatic shift to online shopping with increases of over 40%. In this article, we are going to explore some of the lasting changes that Covid-19 is bringing to retail and E-commerce. 

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Photo by Mike Petrucci

Technology driven stores

With technology evolving everything in society, there is no surprise that it is changing retail too. Since Covid-19, technology has been the driving force for change. Technology such as RFID and QR codes allow stores to monitor stock automatically. This has been revolutionary for the retail industry. Amazon has recently taken advantage of this with their ‘Amazon Go’ stores. There is no need to check out and pay at the tills, you can simply just walk out. With the help of technology, they are able to monitor what items the consumer has brought and how much to charge them. As Covid-19 is lasting longer than expected, this way of shopping is becoming the norm. There is much less contact with others and consumers are spending less time in-store. 

Pure online presence

Others have opted for a complete online presence. Whilst this may have more cons than pros normally, this is not the case for our adjusted society. With guidance to stay at home, this is the best way to allow consumers to still shop from the comfort of their home. Platforms such as Etsy and websites make it easier for consumers to shop online. Having a pure online presence means that any changes to society won’t affect your ability to sell. Since Covid-19, Amazon has benefitted from the digital shift as their sales have grown by 40%. With an online presence, the need for high quality and enticing product photos is a must. 

‘Pick-up in stores’ approach

This approach is a mixture of shopping in person and online. Placing your order online and collecting it in-store reduces contact with others. Supermarkets are already carrying out this approach as an alternative to deliveries. Not only has this approach become popular due to Covid-19 but consumers are also seeing the benefits of it. It has become a lasting change as it saves time for busy households and offers efficient shopping. 

Bringing store experience to life

Although this change is difficult to carry out, it has been done. Store experience is a huge reason as to why consumers shop in person rather than online. Consumers prefer to see and touch products in real life. Therefore, it’s vital that businesses can recreate this online so that they don’t miss out on potential consumers. Collaborating with a professional photographer and videographer can help bring your store to life online. 360 degree photography and virtual tours are a huge trend right now. Companies are using this to give consumers the most realistic view of their products. Using 360 degree views of the product and videos of the product in use, consumers can have a better understanding of the product. If you are interested in 360 degree photography, click here to find out more about our services.

Social media shopping

A number of social media platforms have added a ‘shopping’ function. For example, on Instagram you can buy directly from someone’s instagram post. Alternatively, Facebook has their own marketplace selling second hand items. Companies are now starting to realise the importance of social media presence for both brand loyalty and as an additional purchase occasion. To achieve this, high quality and engaging visual content is vital. Working with a professional photographer can help to make this lasting change a success to the business.

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