Lifestyle Photography Inspirations from the Biggest Brands in the World

Lifestyle photography has been a very popular category in recent years. Not only with Instagrammers but also with brands. Lifestyle photography is unique because the models don’t do posey poses, instead, they try to mimic the natural facial expressions and body positions of normal people going about their daily life. Moreover, lifestyle photography showcases the essence of humanity through a limitless variety of activities.

No matter how many times you’ve heard this, it’s always good to be reminded that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, every single photo you use could deliver a strong message to every person who sees it. And, good photos deliver messages very quickly – which is useful in this competitive era of digital content.

In this post, we will share some examples of how some of the biggest brands have used Lifestyle photography to deliver impactful messages that engage their audiences.

1. Apple

If you want your product to be an essential part of people’s lives like Apple, we suggest you start early in building your brand identity using lifestyle photography. From the photos below, you can see how Apple is seen as a part of daily life by showcasing various uses of its products: personal, family, and business.

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2. Google

Compared to Apple, Google takes lifestyle photos to the next level – they use a lot of local talents in their photos and emphasize their presence within the country.

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Google also leverages the power of lifestyle photography by using different daily life events to highlight each of their products, namely Google Maps, YouTube, Pixel 3, Wear OS, Google Mail, Google Photos, G Suite, and Google Ads.

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3. Coca-Cola

You may have heard or read that Coke is easy to duplicate; it’s easy to confuse it with their biggest competitor, Pepsi. But that is not true, as Coke has kept moving and growing over the decades. With the right marketing strategy and content, Coca-Cola has reached and connected with millions of customers. Their drinks are the same around the world, but their marketing content is not. From their advertising to their social media pages, you can see that Coca-Cola localizes their lifestyle photos for each of the country they are in. If you compare, you can see that not only the ethnicity of the model matters to the audience but also the local trends and who the model influences their content creation.

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4. Samsung

How would you describe electronic gadgets in adjectives – hard, stiff, and perhaps cold? Bet you would describe Samsung differently. Samsung is another brand whose products are being portrayed with lifestyle photos. Technology critics may say that gadgets add a high level of interference to our lives, and dehumanize us as we don’t connect with others in real life. But, with art – or in this case, photography – a brand has turned this negative perception into a win by showing the daily life of humans interacting in reality through technology.

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So, did this article provide you with the necessary dose of inspiration? We hope so. Every brand nowadays is expected to deliver a high volume of content almost every day, and of a very high standard. But don’t get stressed, marketing is supposed to be dynamic and be able to overcome any challenge after all! Klaud9 offers an easy and affordable way to create high-quality visual content. Would you like to give it a try?

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