Looking For The Perfect Content Marketing Tools? Follow These 5 Steps

Media is everywhere around us. And in the age of social media, it’s also in our pocket. For those looking for better ways to promote their business or services, having the right content marketing tools is not a question of preference – it’s a matter of survival.


Content marketing as a whole encompasses the creation of content as well as the process of sharing this content with the world with the goal of bringing attention to your brand. Content marketing tools in use today such as HubSpot have proven to be not only important for multinational companies with a big budget, but also important to the entrepreneur, whose marketing strategy often relies on their phone and a laptop to make it in the big, wide world.

For Asian entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, access to tools that are both affordable and largely available such as Buffer is essential. Especially because content makes or breaks a brand. Not only because content marketing services are important to make the brand stand out, but because it helps to retain existing clients.

When thinking of the content marketing services you require, you might want to draft a plan first. Establishing a goal is important. But establishing other factors such as time frame and budget is also imperative.

In order to help you identify the content marketing tools and services you will require to run a successful marketing campaign online, we decided to put this list together. Below, you will find five important steps you should take before launching your campaign. Whether you’re a marketing veteran or just a novice working from home, there’s a little for everyone in our handy guide. Especially if you’re still confused as to which content marketing services you want to make use of.

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  1. Write Down Your Campaign Goals

Seems obvious — and it is. But precisely because of how simple this step is, many of us forget all about it.

In order to find the content marketing tools that will help your online business’ campaign flourish, you must first know exactly what you want to accomplish with tools such as Evernote.

Many content marketing service providers will tell you that goals are not the most important part of a campaign, but do not listen to them. Setting a goal helps you to identify what audience you’re targeting; which will then help you to figure out just what content marketing tools you will need to get there.

2. Find Your Niche (And Be Bold)

Content marketing service providers that tell you to ignore the market are not on top of their game. In order for your product or company to flourish; it needs to have a pulse on the market. Constantly.

When you have an idea and you act on it, you must not be afraid to take risks. The market, after all, demands this from you, and it will continue to do so; unless your goal is not to be successful. Finding your niche means using content marketing services that target the audience that will appreciate you and what you have to give. But are they using the right content marketing tools?

To discover your niche, you need to listen to your audience. Use tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for that.

3. Pitch Your Product/Service Idea To Friends

Friends who are true friends (and who aren’t in the content marketing service industry) won’t be economical when it comes to criticizing a bad idea. So let them know you need their help. Share your strategy and goal ideas with them and ask for feedback.

But to make sure this approach will help you to find the right content marketing tools, you must pick friends who would appreciate the service or product you are trying to sell. In the end, this step will help you to define the content marketing services you will require — considering the criticism may prove you might need professional help.


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4. Study Other Companies’ Online Campaigns

When looking for the perfect set of content marketing services your great idea requires, looking at what the pros have already done may serve as inspiration.

If you’re selling an app, for instance, what better way to succeed than to take a look at how already established apps became popular in the first place?

Content marketing tools — especially the ones that facilitate distribution — are everywhere. If a successful app was first made popular because of an aggressive campaign on social media and your goal is to sell your new app, how about looking like promoted posts on Facebook or to your MailChimp audience?

5. Have Fun!

Content marketing services exist because we now live a great deal of our lives online. And those tools are now widely available precisely because our lives have become so social media-centred. We have fun while we hang out, see what is going on with other people’s lives, and yes, while working.

In order to find the content marketing tools that will give you the means to hold a conversation with your client, you must be aware of what Asian social media users are experiencing.

So instead of focusing on what content marketing service providers are promising, get yourself online.

Explore Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Answer a question on Quora, and jump on Pulse. By being in contact with the current day world online, you will also be able to identify just what tools communicate your message better to those who are desperately trying to hear.

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