Marketing a Photography Business in 5 Easy Steps


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Here you are. It’s a new year and your business has begun to suffer from a lack of demand. What do you do? You change. Especially if you are looking at promoting your photography business.

1.  Recognize the Importance of Social Media

With modern technology changing constantly, photography-related businesses must not think that marketing a photography business means spending boatloads of money on outdated strategies. Instead, photography businesses must look to some of the most popular platforms online for help. Particularly because of how accessible they are to the common consumer.

For example, Facebook, Google, Snapchat etc. These platforms give you a hand in promoting your photography business precisely because everyone uses them.

With sponsored ads on Facebook and Google, as well as good online content, marketing a photography business has become a game of popularity. Finding a niche and answering to this group’s demands has become a necessity for photography producers across the globe. Using social media to promote it is part of the search for a niche, as consumers respond to online campaigns that help them create better memories while conveying emotion and unity.

2.  Ask Yourself Whether Your Audience is Getting the Right Message

When looking into promoting your photography business, make sure to listen to your audience.

Marketing a photography business involves careful consideration.

If you are a wedding photographer, your consumer will look for customisation. But not only that. He will also require a touch of romanticism, an embrace of focus on texture, and a flare of creativity.

But when promoting your photography business while focusing on stock images, producers of content must look at growing industries and their needs.

Are banks looking for images of happy families? How about texture, are marketing campaigns focusing on images that resemble what we see on social media sites like Instagram? Are color schemes referring to the past or is minimalism bleeding into the world of photography as well?

All these questions must be answered when marketing a photography business focused on stock photography, because this business’ consumers are companies and entrepreneurs who are too busy to produce images themselves that are relevant to their product or service.

When promoting your photography business, find your niche and pay attention to what they respond to better instead of simply relying on your gut feeling.


Photo credit : Young Male Working in a Cafe – Matthew Teo – Klaud9

3.  Bet On Content, All Kinds of Content

When promoting your photography, companies and entrepreneurs must remember that online, websites that produce quality written content that is relevant to their product will make them even more relevant to online users.

Thanks to platforms like Google, marketing a  photography business involves creating great written content that informs the public. As such, photography producers must be more than just photographers. They must be bloggers and guest writers in other websites as well.

If the goal of promoting your photography business includes becoming popular in a relatively short amount of time, take into consideration that you and your company may require a writer on-site. If that’s not possible, set aside some time weekly to write and produce relevant content for your website. By marrying image and written content, marketing a photography business will become a fun exercise for everyone involved.

4.  Build an Email List NOW

It might sound a bit old-fashioned, but email lists still work when it comes to marketing a photography business.

If you’re promoting your existing photography business, make sure to have strategies in place that allow for the collection of consumers’ emails. Create promotions on social media and add a newsletter so that when an individual visits your website, they are able to sign up.

By doing so, promoting your photography business will become fool-proof, allowing your company to have a great presence in all types of media.

5.  Run Fun, Interactive Contests

When marketing a photography business, do not look at running contests as a way to give your work for free. Instead, look at it as a way of getting the word about your product and service out to a greater audience.

Engagement is a priority for any business in the modern world. But don’t think you will  be able to get a large number of customers to require your services overnight. Instead, contests and promotions will give you the opportunity to simply become a household name. When promoting your photography business, this is an essential step.

So when drawing a plan or strategy to start marketing a photography, remember that going beyond your target audience may actually help others to become so aware of you that they will eventually refer to you when the time comes. Whether they have friends who need referrals or whether they need services you provide in the future, becoming a household name in The Internet Age is the most powerful tool for promoting a quality photography business.

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging, creating promotions, and use social media in your favour.

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