Master Interactive Content Marketing with This Handy Guide

Exciting a customer with interactive content can interest him or her into wanting to learn more about a product or service – interactive content marketing examples are quizzes, polls and more.


Whether it’s spectacular photographs, a health product, or something else you want to promote, interactive content can help you reach more customers. It is important to make your interactive content compatible for mobile devices, too, so that you can market your product or service to customers who are very active on their mobile phones.

So what is interactive content? Interactive content is a web tool that engages your customer in a fun way. If you are selling photographs, let the customer participate in finding out what your photograph represents and why it is important. If the customer finds the answers useful, he or she will want to purchase your photograph. If you like to take photographs of sports events, like the Asian Games, then show your photographs while creating a quiz that gives your customers facts and asks them if they are true or false. If your customers are sports fans, then they will be very likely be interested in the quiz and attracted by your photograph. After doing the quiz, the customer may better understand why the photograph is important, and how it can be used in his or her business or some other way.


Interactive content does not have to be a quiz. You have a range of tools to choose from! Using a calculator gets a customer to choose an option, and then based on what answer the customer chooses, provides an answer in numeric form. For example, if your photograph has many trees, you can ask the customer how many leaves there are in an average tree. Give options, and after the customer chooses an option, then the calculator produces a number that is the answer to the question of how many leaves there are in an average tree.


More interactive content marketing examples are the usage of polls and surveys, which can also be an effective way to capture customers’ attention. Provide questionnaires that asks the customer about his or her views, and gets them to think about your product of service. There are no right or wrong answers. If you are someone who takes great photographs of yoga classes in Singapore, then your questionnaire may ask the customer what is a favourite yoga exercise, or if he or she likes to exercise outdoors or indoors. Provide options the customer can choose from, and take the poll. When you have got enough answers, you have the option to show the results of the poll to your customers, and then start a new poll.

You can use online tools to generate interactive content on websites your work is on. Qzzr lets you make your own quizzes. Create the quiz with the interests of your customers in mind, and then invite them to take it. The quiz you make can be embedded on your websites and showed on social media sites like Facebook. Another online tool that may prove to be useful is SnapApp. This tool allows you to make your own calculators, surveys and infographics! If you are someone who sells photographs of ladies’ jackets, you can use your own calculators, surveys and infographics to engage your customer and interest him or her.

ThingLink can also provide you with interactive content, but in a different way. You can embed videos, text and other images inside the original image, so that customers can learn more about all the features of your photograph. So if you are someone who likes to take photographs of cat cafes in Tokyo, Japan, then you can put text and an image in your original image of a cat cafe, so that the customer who loves animals and cats can learn more about your photograph and where it was taken.


Visme is another site that can provide you with quality interactive content! Make presentations and infographics so that customers can learn more about the photographs you are selling. Its free to use – just create an account, and start creating. Visme claims their services are being used by over 700,000 marketers, communicators, executives, and educators from over 50 countries, and the clients using them include The Kennedy Center and the National Institutes of Health.

Apester is another choice you can use. Create polls, surveys, personality tests, and video quizzes – and then digitally connect with your target customers. Register for an account and then build your content, which could be related to the subject of your photographs. So if the subject of your photographs is chopsticks, then you can create polls, surveys and more about the subject of what types of food chopsticks can be used for – or create your content in another way that will engage your customers.

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