Meet Andrés Arranz, a talented photographer in Madrid

Today, we would like to introduce Andrés Arranz, a talented professional photographer in Madrid. He started his career as a photographer in 1991. With many years of diverse experiences in photography, he now mainly specializes in real estate and product photography. To get to know more about his work and career as a photographer, we interviewed him and we would like to share it with you! Let’s meet Andrés Arranz, a talented professional photographer in Madrid!

When did you first pick up a camera?

I started my first career as a professional photographer in 1991. I worked for a press agency as a collaborating photographer in Spain. Since then, I have been in variously different areas of the photography business and gained experiences. 

Which categories/genres do you specialize in?

As I mentioned, I have changed my specialty over the past years. I also have had some experiences in teaching photography skills and working in a photo lab. As of now, I’m more focusing on real estate and product photography. You can out check more work of mine on my portfolio, Instagram and Behance.

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Which camera and equipment do you use for your photo shoots? (and why?)

I currently use Pentax cameras because they guarantee high-quality photos while offering a reasonable price. Also, they have unique functions: movement of the sensor in architectural photography; the elimination of the Bayer pattern to improve the resolution; and the reproduction of color. In addition, they are pretty adaptive since they fit with lenses from all different brands. It’s surprisingly convenient. You can even use some lenses over 45 years old, such as the manual SMC 50mm f / 1.4. which offers great image quality. I also have an old Pentax 67 that I use occasionally, but not for work, just for my hobby.

Regarding the essential equipment, it really depends on the job. For example, architecture and interior design photography require wide angles lenses and Tilt/Shift lenses. However, product photography needs short telephoto lenses and macro lenses. Therefore, I use a Pentax K-1 body, and 15-30mm y 24-70mm lenses, as well as 24mm Tilt/Shift. These are the ones I use the most.

Did you have formal training as a photographer?

First, I got a little informal training with limited equipment. But then, I realized that I had to improve my skills to continue my career as a photographer. So, I decided to study photography at one of the most prestigious private schools in Spain: EFTI. Here, I did my master’s in digital photography, while simultaneously working as a laboratory worker and junior photographer. Later, I became a part of the EFTI Staffs as an assistant in studio lighting and chemical laboratory practices. I also taught students in the digital photography team. Now, I work mainly as an interior, architecture and product photographer.

Which photographers have influenced your work, and do you incorporate their techniques into your shoots?

There are many photographers who have continuously influenced my work and I like to follow their styles and techniques. For architecture and interior photography, I love the work of Iwan Baan, Fernando Guerra, Jesús Granada, Angie McMonigal, Lupe Clemente, and Jose Luis Alorda. I also enjoy following the work of my colleagues who are dedicated to other types of photography. For example, Hengki Koentjoro’s wonderful landscapes in Black and White, Fernando Marcos’s experiments with infrared, Luis Malibran’s work on fashion and the domain of light, etc. 

Is it challenging to earn a living in this business nowadays? And how do you think Online platforms such as Klaud9 have helped you in getting more work?

Today, it is indeed difficult to survive as a photographer, at least in Spain. In my opinion, we should look for more opportunities outside of our comfort zones. 

To overcome a limit as an individual freelance photographer, I work with online platforms such as Klaud9 and even take advantage of them. Through the platforms, I can approach more clients and works. I believe that these types of agencies allow photographers to focus better on work and help us to get closer to the clients. But I can still continue to access orders in the traditional way at the same time. In addition, they publicize our work so we could attract new clients.

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