Meet Lee Hong Yin John a photographer in Hong Kong

Let’s meet Lee Hong Yin John, a photographer in Hong Kong! Lee Hong Yin John is a talented wedding photographer from Hong Kong. He started his career as a full-time photographer in 2011 after gaining experience in the marketing field. Before that, he took several classes offered by well-known photographers in Hong Kong and Bali in order to improve his photography skills.

Now, he is a professional photographer in Hong Kong with extensive experience in shooting in diverse fields. We interviewed Hong Yin John to get to know him better and today we are sharing it with you!

When did you start working as a professional photographer?

I’ve worked as a full-time photographer since 2011. Before then, I had my career in the marketing field but I’ve always had a passion for photography ever since 2009. Now I am grateful that I am doing what I love and building up my career as a photographer. It’s great to be on a job that can last a long time and that you adore. 

Do you have formal training? have you worked in a professional studio before?

Yes, I took several photography classes by different professional photographers based in Hong Kong and Bali. I was also lucky enough to have the chance to work with them and this experience helped me to improve my skills and expand my horizons to diverse photography worlds. As I had no previous experience, the training and work experience enabled me to build extensive knowledge and skills for the \ photography industry.

Which camera do you use for your photo or video shoots?

I use Canon 5D4. It has excellent high ISO performance with high speed and color accuracy. This is the most suitable model for me personally. It’s a durable, reliable, and capable cameral, exactly what a professional needs.

Which photographers influence your work?

As I already mentioned, I learned a lot from the professional training in Bali offered by the overseas photographers’ team, ‘the Uppermost’. They are award-winning wedding photographers based in Jakarta and Bali. Whilst I certainly learnt a lot from them, I particularly remember their training on lighting techniques; they control the light like magicians. 

Is it challenging to earn a living in this business nowadays, if so why?  

Most of my photography works are wedding shoots. With the impact of Covid-19, we have all seen a hit to the economy and the wedding business is no exception. A lot of couples have been postponing their wedding ceremonies in Hong Kong and of course, my job has been hugely affected by it negatively. I really hope the situation will get better and that we will all soon return back to normal!

What makes a great photo from your point of view and how do you achieve that?

In my opinion, what makes a great photo are definitely good communication with clients and a playful process of shooting. Lighting is also important for a good result. I don’t approach my work only with a technical agenda. I tend to reach my clients constantly and exchange our opinions on shooting each other. I believe that the comfortable atmosphere and smooth communication naturally bring an incredible result.

Check out some of John’s recent photography work below!

How do you think Online platforms such as Klaud9 have helped you in getting more work?

So far, I’ve been very satisfied with the connection with Klaud9 that helps me meet the expectation of both mine and clients. Especially, in terms of getting more briefs and expanding our clients’ pool, we’ve gotten a lot of help from Klaud9. The team has been always supportive and transparent with us and I am happy to work with Klaud9!

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