Meet Our Wonderful Humans of Klaud9

At Klaud9, we work with some of the regions most beautiful & skilled talents. As you may have seen on our social media, over  the past 6 months we have been getting to know some of our models by asking them questions about what interests them, how they got into modelling and their tips and advice for others interested in the local industry. We’ve compiled their interviews into this one article here! Meet our wonderful People of Asia!

1. First on our list, is Edlyn Seow. She is a 24 year old freelance model, from Singapore. We had a chat with Edlyn about what she would teach people and what her message for the entire world would be. Find out what she has to say here: “I would say.. work can wait. Health and happiness comes first. Singaporeans work too hard and too long.. they don’t take time to let loose at all and most often, the job isn’t due until some time later – so don’t stress or fret over it till then. If there’s a dream you’re too scared to embark on, that’s all the reason you need to actually do it. Do what scares you – if it fails, you’d have no regrets, but if it is successful.. an adventure awaits! (:”


2. Next up in our Humans of Klaud9 interviews is Shaun. Shaun is a 27 year old full time actor and part-time model from Singapore. He got into modelling after helping his friend, Jasbir with his abstract photography project which you can see on his website here – Shaun really loves playing computer games but doesn’t play them as often as he would like for fear of getting addicted. The most memorable thing he has done recently was a shot for a property ad, “I stood alone on the rooftop of a condominium confidently taking pictures of the sunset. Felt like I was on top of the world, taking pictures of the great view and sky.” If he could send one message to the world, it would be that. “We may be different and have different needs, but we are all in the same boat called the Earth, and we must take action together to save it from the climate change we are causing!”


3. Our third Human of Klaud9 is Syirin Jamil. She is a 27 year old part-time model from Singapore. She got into modelling when she joined The New Paper New Face competition in 2012 and emerged as second runner-up. From then on, she has been getting gigs in magazines and TV. She says that her family always make her smile and if she could teach people one thing it would be, “the importance of family. A lot of times, we fail to see how much we depend on our families and how much they need us. We never really bother to make time for them until they get too old and there’s not much time left.”


4. Next up in our Humans of Klaud9 series is Jonah Gan. Jonah is a 32 year old full time actor from Singapore. He likes learning musical instruments and the five words that describe him the best are “well-mannered, humble, appreciative, curious and sleepy ». If he could send one message to the world, it would be that: « I would like to be a successful person, if there is any chance or opportunity you can advise me, I will be very much appreciated”. You can check out his youtube video here – and his Instagram account – maxeryjonah.


5. Then, we have Stanley Soh, a 31 year old full time emcee from Singapore. He really loves doing acts of service for others which can be related to his passion of emceeing. He enjoys seeing others happy and having a good time.The five words that describe him the best are dynamic, outgoing, multi-talented, eloquent and quick-witted. If he could send a message to the entire world it would be: “Follow your dreams. Work hard and learn to be masterful at your craft. There will be peope telling you that you will fail, it’s a waste of time or even ridiculing your passion/dreams. Don’t waste your attention and energy on them. Focus all your energy and redirect it to positive energy”. You can check out his Instagram account here: emceestan


6. Finally, meet David Duarte, our last talent of our Humans of Klaud9 interviews. He is a 28 year old freelance model living in Bangkok. He got into modelling one year ago through two persons; a friend who recommended him and a photographer who noticed him in a supermarket. The five words that describe him the best are: “easygoing, honest, funny, kind and dreamer”. David loves teakwood (a Korean martial art) and tries to practice it as much as he can. If he could send one message to the world, it would be: “We need to take care and be more conscience of our environment. We have to fight against corruption and we must be more tolerant with each other”.


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