Meet Romit Roy, a digital marketer in Singapore

About 60% of the population of the world uses the internet and it rose by 20% in the past couple of years due to the pandemic with businesses online. Hence, it is important to understand the concept and strategies of digital marketing.  Klaud9 has started interviewing digital marketers in the field all over the world to gain more insights and share their stories with our readers. Let’s meet Romit Roy, a digital marketer in Singapore!

He’s a marketing associate for Big Ideas Ventures, a venture capital fund. Always remembering his marketing philosophy “To be short, sweet but impactful”, he is enthusiastic about his job and loves the marketing field.

laptop and monitor on the desk, Photo by Domenico Ioia, Meet Romit Roy the digital marketer in Singapore
Photo by Domenico Ioia

Why do you like working in digital marketing?

I’ve always been fascinated by digital marketing even before I started working in the marketing field. Digital marketing is the future of marketing and provides maximum accessibility to modern tech-savvy consumers today. The dynamism of this field is very attractive for me and makes me want to keep working as a marketer. 

Nowadays, we are always finding new ways of collaborating with artists such as videographers, photographers and influencers to ensure that our content captures both relevance and creativity. We are also trying to utilize new social media platforms to make content more accessible and engaging for our viewers.

What was your most successful digital marketing campaign and what do you think made it successful?

Our Foodivate event was the most successful campaign for me. The Big Foodivate Challenge is a pitching competition that seeks the best ideas from young local talent to help Singapore reach its 30 by 30 goal of achieving 30% food security by 2030.

The Big Foodivate Challenge 2020 Poster to show most successful marketing campaign
The Big Foodivate Challenge 2020 Poster

Collaborating with aspiring young entrepreneurs, we gathered ideas for the future agro-tech market. We try to find novel ways to make this contest more creative, engaging and viral in nature.

Click here to find more about the event!

Advice/top tips for creating an impactful and successful digital marketing campaign

I would like to emphasize that the campaign should be impactful showing its purpose very clearly. Also, it’s important to engage with your clients by using a variety of different channels. Maximize your consumer reach through your overall integrated marketing strategies. 

Why do you think visual content is so important in marketing nowadays?

Visual content is a prominent part of branding. It encapsulates the core message of your marketing and clearly shows the story behind it. Engaging, high-quality photos and videos can be a visual aid for your marketing and advertising campaigns. It can really boost your sales and attract potential clients.

How do you think consumer behavior is going to change after Covid-19?

In my opinion, consumers would probably want something more down-to-earth after they undergo such a rough and unexpected situation. Therefore, authentic content easily related to a more humane, personal level would be the key to marketing that establishes trust with consumers.

What is the biggest challenge facing digital marketing teams today?

These days, it is very difficult to set up the right team. For me personally, finding suitable people with the apt skills and mindset as a marketer. Creativity is one of the most important skills for marketers to always be prepared for rapid change. However, not everyone has the talent. 

Why did you choose an online platform like Klaud9 to help you create visual content?

Online platforms such as klaud9 help us get visual content quickly and easily with reasonable and affordable prices. Moreover, it allows us to have rich collaboration with diverse creators to get more engaging content. We’re happy to work with klaud9 and would like to keep the relations. 

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