Meet Sylvester Lim, an Inspiring Photographer of the Region

This week Klaud9 met with Sylvester Lim, a Singaporean photographer and founder of GradePixel. His passion for photography already started back in his schooling days in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where he was already working with paid campaigns and shooting for his battalion during his army days. Today, his career evolved a lot, as he’s shooting for many big brands in “exotic” locations such as Japan or Iceland. Read this article and learn more about his photography career path!

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1. How did you become a professional photographer or photography artist? 

I first started out as a young individual who is passionate about photography way back in army days where I shot for my battalion, which I moved on to being an in-house photographer for a well-known company thereafter. From there, I gained more recognition for my work and started freelancing with paid campaigns. After being in the industry for a year or so, I took this hobby further and decided to shoot for events and weddings as a head start to my current career. Shortly after gaining better skillsets in the photography world, I decided to venture out on my own and started my own business, GradePixel, a photography studio consisting of a team of my own.

2. How would you describe your photography style? What do you like to shoot? What inspires you? 

Clean, minimalistic, with a clear focus subject. I love to shoot scenic landscapes, especially when I’m travelling around the world.

3. What or who has been the greatest influence on your work? 

Erik Johansson (Erik Almas). He photographs and creates surreal images by recombining different photographs with other materials. His style of photography intrigues me and I always find myself referencing to his work whenever I’m shooting.

4. What is the photographer community like where you are?

Competitive I would say? There are a lot of photographers out there; professional seasoned ones or young budding upcoming ones. We really have to keep up with the trend and constantly improve ourselves on our knowledge, skills and equipment etc.

5. How do you come up with new creative ideas?

I get my ideas mostly through social media platforms, like Instagram and YouTube. I spent my free time learning new techniques and watching videos from other photographers on YouTube to further improve myself. Other times, new inspirations and ideas pop up my mind when I’m travelling, especially when I’m on a road trip as I can explore further into things I have yet to see and experience.

6. What gets you excited?

Travelling and getting new equipment definitely! I’m an avid traveller and I’m always on the lookout to explore new cultures, planning new countries to explore while I’m still young.

7. What’s your favourite destination to shoot in?

Scandinavian countries. Their buildings and structures are always magnificent and interesting, so much more to explore than in Singapore.

8. What camera and photography equipment are you currently using?

My main ones would be Canon 5DRS, Sony A7Rii and DJI Mavic.

9. Most memorable shoot experience so far?

During my road trip to Iceland was thus far the best experience. I was there during winter and the scenery was beautiful everywhere. The landscape was picturesque and almost impossible for me not to snap a shot every other minute.

10. Area of specialisation?

I specialise in commercial photography services, mainly specialising in Product, Food & Beverages, and Interior.

11. Any milestones that you are aiming for? For example: a solo exhibition at MOMA, a client that you wish to shoot for, a piece of equipment you have always wanted to own, a dream assignment?

Expanding my current team of photographers & digital artists.

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