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event photography in Madrid
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Madrid is the third city in number of international meetings in the world.

According to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Madrid is only behind Paris and Vienna in the worldwide ranking. If you are planning on hosting a corporate event in Spain, its vibrant and multicultural capital is a great choice. 

Madrid offers some of the very best venues and services in Europe, allowing you to plan an event that exceeds expectations. Despite the excellency of the offerings, however, the logistics are still bound to create some headache. Coordinating attendees, schedules, and speakers demand much time.

But good news! There is one thing you can cross off your event planning to-do list now: event photography in Madrid.

The fact is, event photography in Madrid does not need to be an expensive, troublesome, and complicated part of your efforts to organize a successful event. It is definitely an important aspect that you shouldn’t overlook, but why does that have to mean more work for you?

Unfortunately, when it comes to events, we cannot just rely on a friend with a semi-professional camera. Although a good eye for photography is necessary, it is only a part of the skills it takes to deal with the challenging characteristics of events.

Event Photography has its challenges

Think about it: with the number of things happening at the same time, it is easy to miss some special details of the night (or day). People are moving around, interacting, and having a good time.

Being able to frame it well, capturing a fleeting moment in a beautiful way, is definitely challenging. Luckily, Madrid is not running short of talented freelance photographers!

Guarantee excellent photographs of your event without complications. Rest assured knowing that the images will be high quality, regardless of what uses you have in mind for them.

From press releases to marketing campaigns, nostalgic reminders for the attendees or a conversation-starter on social media, your event photos can serve many purposes. 

Experiment with the best way to find highly qualified local photographers in Madrid. Klaud9’s ever-growing global photographer network uses Artificial Intelligence to source the professional that fits your needs and requirements. 


With just a few clicks, you can choose one of our packages, which include unlimited photos in shoots that last 2, 4, or 7 hours. Within just one day, Klaud9 assigns a local event photographer to your project. Let us know your specific requirements in filling our online brief. Using our all-in-one platform, shortlist, give editing instructions, and approve photos. Download and use your high-conversion images in any media and in any market worldwide, thanks to our commercial use license.

You can also opt for a custom package that fits your particular needs. If you are unsure of what works better for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to guide you every step along the way. 

Discover why HubSpot, IDG, and Plug and Play all trust Klaud9 to source the best event photographers. Fill the form to get started today!

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